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War Stories from Twitter #1 – 435

In preparation for a recent podcast I asked:

I got a lot of great stories and knew we had to share them here on the podcast.

Possibly my two favorite were

  1. Dislocated shoulder while napping and
  2. Sprained ankle while napping.

Bubba Wilson joins me as we read these tweets and add some commentary.  I loved these responses. I have screenshotted most of them and pasted them in the show notes.

Also, Laurie Beth gave a shout out to her mentor Leah Cox and we read it on the show.  Always remember the ones who got you here.

Show Notes


Case Studies with Cathy – 434

Cathy Supak and Thomas Petmecky were student athletic trainers together at Southwest Texas State University.  That university has since deteriorated with age and a new one has been built to replace it called Texas State University

They have 66 years of experience combined and have seen many things that seem strange or did just not seem right.

My favorite story is Thomas's last.  If nothing else skip to the end and here his last story of a kid putting his shoulder back in place.

Contact @CathySupak

Contact Thomas:

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Summer Camps for Student AT Aides – 433

Brian Farr, Ruben Cantu, David Gable and Megan Haynes joined the podcast to discuss summer camp options for students interested in Athletic Training.

Show Notes


Brian Farr –

Ruben Cantu –

David Gable –

Megan Haynes –


UT Summer Camp:

UT Program info:

TCU/SMU Summer Camp

Texas State Summer Camp:

TAMUK Summer Camp:

Athletic training tab

FrioHydration is from a TAMUK Grad

Developing Leadership in Athletic Training Programs – 432

John Cieko and Cathy Supak join the Sports Medicine Broadcast to help us understand ways to develop student leaders in Athletic Training.

Recently we talked with Johnny Gomez, Mary Miller, Mike Harrison, and Chay Nersesian about Team Building in Athletic Training student programs.  one of the topics they mentioned was having student leaders and giving them ownership.

John has begun lecturing at workshops on leadership and Cathy has been developing leaders in AT for many years.

Join us and grow your program to where you want it to be over the course of time.

There are no overnight successes.

Show Notes


John Ciecko

Cathy Supak

Team Building in Athletic Training – 431

Johnny Gomez runs a high quality  sports medicine program in Springbranch's Northbrook High School.  Consistently carrying 25 – 35 student workers to aid in his sports medicine program he give ownership and leadership to the students as well as opportunities for student growth through summer camps.

Mike Harrison, Mary Miller and Chay Nersesian are three of the Athletic Trainers at Allen High School, one of the states powerhouse athletic programs.  When Athletics are a huge success there is equal pressure for the sports medicine team to be a high functioning machine.   Carrying 55+ student athletic training aides is tough to do, having that many get a long and work together for years is an amazing accomplishment.

Sign up with MedBridge for all of your CEU needs using my promo code “TheSMB” to save money and be entered in to an annual drawing for a second year free.

Show Notes

Contact info:

Allen High School
Mary Miller
Mike Harrison
Chay Nersesian

Johnny Gomez @ NorthBrook High School


Value Justification Model in Athletic Training – 430

Dr. Jim Berry wrote an article back in 1993 about using an old commodore computer to keep track of athlete visits, injuries and costs. He has continued to demonstrate the value of the athletic training staff through the years.

Dr. Kathy Dieringer has presented at national and regional meetings about the need for Athletic Trainers to collect data and use that data to improve the position of athletic trainers across the nation. A small win has a snowball affect and can positively impact any number of Athletic Trainers and the patients they care for.

Article from Jim berry in 1993

Our Sign in Sheet – this is a shareable copy you can click save to my drive or make a copy in my drive.

Show Notes

Contact Dr. Berry Twitter email:

Contact Dr. Dieringer Twitter email: KIDIER@DDSPORTSMED.COM


Promoting Your Program to Your Student Body – 429

Chris Shaddock is my Guru for promoting your Sports Medicine Program.  He works hard, has great ideas and great support.  He is a guy in Athletic Training you want to try and be like.

Greg Goerig and Casey Lougheed work together at Midloathian Heritage High School and are building a reputable and respected program for Sports Medicine.

The biggest takeaway for promoting your program is getting kids who can really meet high standards and represent your program well.  Once you have a core group of high quality student helpers then they will promote your program naturally.

Some of our other ideas:

Scavenger Hunt
Big NATM promotions
Elected officials creating proclamations for NATM
Inter-school competitions
Mass Physicals
Mass CPR training
Regular presence on the Junior High campus


Chris Shaddock

Greg and Casey

From NATA PR chair Jamie Woodall:


HIPAA and FERPA for ATs with Jeff Hopp – 428

Jeff Hopp, Athletic Trainer at Marietta High School in Marietta Georgia, Is Vice President of SEATA and well versed in the rules and practical application of both HIPAA and FERPA.

If I was to sum up all the answers into one sentence it would be non-specific with information and there is a lot of grey area and overlap with the two.

FERPA basically deals with the records a school collects on the students.

HIPAA is meant to protect privacy and allow communication between healthcare professionals who share care for a common patient.

HIPAA – If you are billing for services you are most likely falling under HIPPA

FERPA – not everyone in the school needs to know about the medical condition.  Only the ones directly responsible for or who have a vested interest in the healthcare of the athlete should be in the loop.

There is lots more and Jeff is willing to help you work through your questions

Links Jeff wanted to share:

Here is some good FERPA info:

Good HIPAA info:

A good article about HIPAA/FERPA  for AT’s:

A good article that talks about pictures and social media posts:

Contact Jeff Hopp


Show Notes

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DragonFly Max is HIPAA and FERPA compliant

Mobile Sports Medicine Units with Keith Shireman – 427

Keith Shireman, AT for Batesville Pioneers in Arkansas was the recipient of close to $70,000 worth of Mobile Sports Medicine Unit donations.  He has a 28 foot “bumper pull” trailer and a new truck to pull it with.

This did not just fall in his lap though.  He has been building relationships for years in his community and taking people up on their “if you ever need help” offers.

YouTube Video of our interview with Keith

Show Notes

Contact Keith –

Contact Shawn –

Win a School Health Gift Card –

Here is the proposal I took to our local dental office to partner with them.  Use it as a guide or a starting point to garner community support

Clean Eating and Meal Prepping with Brittany Hoover and Taylor Barros – 426

Surgery, depression, binge eating, emotional eating.  Brittany Hoover had a storm of issues move her to a clean eating journey.  She is now meal planned about 2 months out using a google calendar.  She eats pretty much the same couple of things for breakfast lunch and snack daily and typically makes a dinner that will last a week.

Taylor Barros is completing the Gatorade Fellowship for Sports Nutrition and is working with Memorial Hermann Ironman Institute's Brett Singer.

They shared some tips for making it work:

Have a plan
Fill up on healthy food so your not hungry for the unhealthy choices
Avoid using labels like “Cheat Meal” or “Bad Food”
Find a system that fits your life
Use a meal prep schedule that that works for you
Plan ahead and carry your food with you

Contact Brittney Hoover

Contact Taylor Barros

YouTube video of our conversation

Link to School Health Giveaway – Enter to win a $100 gift card

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