Mobile Sports Medicine Units with Keith Shireman – 427

Keith Shireman, AT for Batesville Pioneers in Arkansas was the recipient of close to $70,000 worth of Mobile Sports Medicine Unit donations.  He has a 28 foot “bumper pull” trailer and a new truck to pull it with.

This did not just fall in his lap though.  He has been building relationships for years in his community and taking people up on their “if you ever need help” offers.

YouTube Video of our interview with Keith

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Clean Eating and Meal Prepping with Brittany Hoover and Taylor Barros – 426

Surgery, depression, binge eating, emotional eating.  Brittany Hoover had a storm of issues move her to a clean eating journey.  She is now meal planned about 2 months out using a google calendar.  She eats pretty much the same couple of things for breakfast lunch and snack daily and typically makes a dinner that will last a week.

Taylor Barros is completing the Gatorade Fellowship for Sports Nutrition and is working with Memorial Hermann Ironman Institute's Brett Singer.

They shared some tips for making it work:

Have a plan
Fill up on healthy food so your not hungry for the unhealthy choices
Avoid using labels like “Cheat Meal” or “Bad Food”
Find a system that fits your life
Use a meal prep schedule that that works for you
Plan ahead and carry your food with you

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Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard – 425

Justin Buzzard is an Author, Speaker, Pastor and most importantly Husband and Father.  In his book Date Your Wife he charges men to really look at marriage as the ultimate call to action, life long action, daily intentional action.

After reading the book and implementing some of the practices I asked a few Athletic Trainers to read it and apply it to their marriage.

Vidal Mora commented-
Dating your wife means to guard and cultivate her, the little stuff such as watching the kid and letting her go get some coffee alone, go for a walk, watch a tv show alone without interruptions is dating your wife, for you try to take some time together send your child to a babysitter and spend time with your wife alone in your house. I know first hand things can get sometimes overwhelming with life (wife/kids/work), humans need that alone time in my opinion, because sometimes my wife and I can't even remember our lives before kids.

Josh Dawsey writes:
This book, even though I'm still finishing it, has really adjusted my view of my marriage, and how I view Stephanie. It has laid out some tough challenges, but in the coming new year I want to be more intentional at dating my wife. The book showed me that there needs to be a strong foundation and then I need even stronger pillars to support my wife, my son, and our marriage. Hopefully throughout this journey of marriage and dating we rekindle some flames that have died and set ablaze some fires already there. Lastly, I want my young son to see a great example of how he should pursue his future spouse and how to treat her once he marries. Thank you for including me in this time together and I hope we can keep chatting about how our journeys are going.


JustinBuzzard on Twitter

Resources from Justin:

Justin’s Amazon Page

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Eating Disorders in Athletic Training – 424

Courage – the ability to do something that frightens you

Catherine Lawrence has an eating disorder.  She asked me to do a podcast about the subject.  She shares her story about lying, purging, passing out, going to rehab, relapsing, and the constant struggle with not demonizing food.

Getting behind the mic, on camera and sharing your story takes courage.  in the video she can be seen shaking because of the fear.  But she continues to tell her story.

We are joined by experts Dr. Carrie McAdams and Jennifer Nagel.

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CEU Courses:

“The Female Athlete Triad” By Barbara Hoogenboom 

“Nutrition In Sports” By Barbara Hoogenboom 


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Tips for getting the Sales Rep Job – 423

Jared Plummer – Sales Rep of the year for ACO Med / DonJoy shares wisdom on getting a job in a non-clinical setting.

Brandon Strode has also moved out of the clinical into an sales type job.  We spoke on this topic previously with Brandon as he was planning and considering making the move away from the secondary setting.

We cover:
What's Your AT Story
Why did you move out of the clinical setting?
How did you set yourself up to get the job?
What would you do differently if you were going through the process again?
Did this change meet your career goal? How?

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Anonymous Sports Medicine – 422

A place to vent

A place to ask questions without ridicule

An opportunity to mentor

A larger AT audience

All these are reason “Guy Fox” keeps the account going and invests time to retweet and ask your questions for you.

Hear the story here and understand a little more into the account you love.

Check the account out:

Or let me know your thoughts @MrJeremyJackson


Social Media and Athletic Trainers with Jodie Kennemer – 421

Jodie Kennemer, legal counsel for PISD, shares tips and thoughts to help keep ATs out of legal trouble on social media.

We work through her presentation and provide general advice but then dig deeper into the more grey areas that we might not consider as being questionable.

A couple of basic rules:

If you think its questionable then it is.

Never post or while in in altered state of mind (drunk, angry, traumatic events…)

If you would not say or show it to your young child don't say it on social media.

Make sure that your account is open to parents and admin.

90% of inappropriate relationships involve texting or messaging of some sort.


Remind – keeps numbers private and all messages can be seen.  It also allows you to set office hours so messages before or after a certain hour receive a warning.

Hootsuite – can schedule posts for multiple platforms and can also give access to another person to help manage and edit posts.

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That One Parent – Helicopters with Owen Iseminger – 420

Helicopter parents area parents who take an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children according to

Owen Iseminger works with more affluent students and parents who tend to be in this group more often.  Through 8 years in this setting he has learned some tips and tricks for dealing with Helicopters.

  1. Be on top of your evaluations
  2. Explain multiple possibilities and how the rehab plan will help the total body.  
  3. Don’t be annoyed or upset if they want a 2nd opinion.
  4. Set them up with the best physician you can even if something minor, they expect to see the best.
  5. Win trust of other parents.  They talk to each other and good gossip about you goes a long way.
  6. Make them feel like their child is important, if they feel like they are 1/100s they won’t accept that.
  7. Always stay professional
  8. Go the extra mile to update them on injuries
  9. Have coaches support, as they will go ask coach about the athletic trainer or for updates.
  10.  Even if kid is not injured, have a relationship with the parent, even if it’s, just a simple hello and asking how their kid is doing.

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YouTube Video


Communicating With Coaches 101 – 419

Bob Gillis

Thanks to Bob Marley for continuing to allow us to record and interview the speakers.
Shawn Ready, Bubba Wilson, Ryan Collins, Josh Yellen, Jazmin Dozal and everyone else who helped make the recordings possible.
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Injury Nutrition Interview with Brett Singer – 418

Brett Singer

Frio Hydration provides Superior Hydration products and is the official hydration provider of the Sports Medicine Broadcast
Tell them the Sports Medicine Broadcast sent you and receive some special deals on custom graphics or a solar panel.
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