Tom Ford – ALS announcement

Tom Ford is an Athletic trainer diagnosed with ALS.

John asked that we help promote a GoFundMe page to help support Tom in his time of need.

If you know Tom Ford, John Ciecko or have a heart for ALS patients then consider donating:

ALS Association

Contact John Ciecko

Tom Ford Bio

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Learning to Move a a Healthcare Provider – 339

Shawn Ready believes in movement.  He feels we as Athletic Trainers need to be able to do what we are asking our patients to do with in reason.

Here we discuss why it is so important and practical ways to do it with our schedule.

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Rehab on the Cheap with Chris Butler – 338


Chris Butler is a PT in Pasadena California and produces content at

Find Chris on Instagram: @CButlerSportsPT

Most of his videos are exercise that can be done with as little as elastic tubing or bands.  The big key is be sure to start them in a position they can maintain stability and then progress.  Catz Physical Therapy believes your exercises should be performed in the positionyou live life…on your feet.

Core Band Exercises

Upper Body Band Exercises

Lower Body Exercises


This episode is sponsored by TheraBand CLX –
A Cramer Sports Medicine Company

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Epidemiology with Mitzi Laughlin – 337

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The branch of medicine that deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health.

How does this apply to Athletic Training?

That is where Mitzi Laughlin steps in and discusses her specialty.

With research and epidemiology you need to be able to look at all the different angles and aspects as to why.

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The AT as a Mandated Reporter – 336

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Lucas Dargo was concerned about an athlete and began the conversation with the school counselor about possible abuse.  They developed a positive working relationship to best serve the population they were charged with.

Dawn Tedrow is the licensed Clinical Social Worker Lucas started working with and works Youth First inc.

Shelly Mullenix is currently the Senior Associate Athletic Trainer and director of wellness for LSU Athletics pursuing a second masters degree in Social Work pursuing her LCSM

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Thanks Frio Hydration and School Health for committing to support the Sports Medicine Broadcast and add value to the athletic trainers who protect Athlete Safety

What is takes to be an NFL AT – 335

Shone Gipson

Shone Gipson Is the Head Athletic Trainer for the Buffalo Bills and graduate of the University of Houston.  We focus on what it takes for someone to work in the NFL.

Shone's Top Skill recommendation: Be a good communicator

Email Shone

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest A Story of Survival – 334

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Who plans for their heart to stop working?

Who plans for a high school athlete's heart to stop?

John Mayes was able to use an AED to help save the life of a young athlete.  Here he tells the story of what happened and how he processed the whole event.

John has experienced death multiple times as an Athletic Trainer, so feel free to reach out to him with questions and concerns or to ask him to pray with you.

Email John

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Negotiating Your Salary – 333

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Jared and Alisha have some really good experience and advice on negotiating as an Athletic Trainer.

Remember negotiate means to find a win-win

Start the conversation and be prepared.

Have a goal in mind and be open to ideas

Allow them to formulate the idea themselves – “How do you see this working out?”

Check out the show notes as you listen, you will likely want to take your own notes


**UPDATE** Day after recording this Shawn Ready used these very skills to negotiate his salary and hours at his new job.

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Nurturing Relationships – 332

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Josh and Jamie Woodall met in college and are getting ready to celebrate 15 years as a husband and wife athletic training duo.  They are both very involved in the profession but leave nothing to wonder on their commitment to each other.

I add my wisdom of experience and perspective of being married with kids and madly in love with my wife.

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Minor League Umpires need Athletic Trainers – 331

Mark Stubblefield worked 12 years with Minor League Baseball after earning his Master's Degree.  He is now the medical coordinator for the health care of 230 minor league umpires in 45 different states.

His top skill if you want a job similar to his: Communication and Network.

Low back pain is one of the most common issues they treat but they do a functional movement screen on each umpire at the beginning of the year to focus on preventative medicine.

They also recommend the nutty buddy for important protective equipment

Thanks Greg Evans for getting me in contact with Mark.

Contact Mark

Shawn Ready

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