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War Stories from Twitter #1 – 435

In preparation for a recent podcast I asked:

I got a lot of great stories and knew we had to share them here on the podcast.

Possibly my two favorite were

  1. Dislocated shoulder while napping and
  2. Sprained ankle while napping.

Bubba Wilson joins me as we read these tweets and add some commentary.  I loved these responses. I have screenshotted most of them and pasted them in the show notes.

Also, Laurie Beth gave a shout out to her mentor Leah Cox and we read it on the show.  Always remember the ones who got you here.

Show Notes


Medbridge with Mike Hopper

Houston is a major medical center.  there are many opportunities to get CEUs from some really great organizations like Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann, Texas Children's, Airrosti and others.

But Athletic Trainers in some places have to drive a long way to get to a hospital or orthopedic doctor's office.

Workshops are great and even better when they are free (NATM Giveaways) but not always feasible.

I recommend a few free ways to get CEUs like:

  • TheATVantage – great podcast I personally listen to and have earned CEUs from
  • Gatorade great info, but quizzes are a little hard
  • Medco great info but again the quizzes can be combersome

Then ask Mike Hopper why and how he uses Medbridge to earn unlimited CEUs and build great Home Exercise Plans for his athletes.

To celebrate NATM and Athletic Trainers Medbridge and the Sports Medicine Broadcast are giving one subscriber who uses my referral link a second year free.  So if you sign up be sure to use my link or the promo code “TheSMB” to save and possibly double your savings.

Show Notes



Mike Hopper Talks Celebrity Status 360

John Harmon grabs Mike Hopper for an interview.  Mike is a very vocal advocate for Athletic Training.  He is very passionate about our profession and it shows in EVERYTHING he does.
On a side note John and I were walking with Mike after the interview towards the exit and he got stopped.  After a few minutes Mike said you guys can go… we were dismissed from the entourage of AT greatness.
We are broadcasting live from the 2017 NATA expo in Houston Texas.
We used Facebook live to stream as many of the NATA 2017 Expo Interviews as possible.
Thanks Frio Hydration and DragonFly MAX for your hospitality.
Contact John Harmon
Contact Mike Hopper
Hit me up on Twitter to let me know your thoughts @MrJeremyJackson 

Making a Difference as a Young Professional – 112

Making a Difference as a Young Professional with Brett McQueen and Mike Hopper- 112

Brett McQueen and Mike Hopper try to question why we do things.  I feel this creates a a drive for knowledge and understanding that is fairly uncommon.  Both of these guys are passionate athletic trainers trying to affect the world around them for the good of our profession and the good of their clients.  Nicole Cascia and Will Ryan join Dr. Josh Yellen on the show from UofH MAT.

Lightning Performance Solutions

The Mike Hopper Blog

Thanks to Morgan Wilson Music and JJ Worthen for allowing us to use parts of their songs.

Show notes for Episode 112

Masters of Athletic Training at U of H