Helmet Research & Development – 491

Are you current on your Helmet Research?

I could almost care less about the latest helmet research because I am not involved in the decision making.
Helmets are not meant to protect against concussions.  The are intended to reduce facial and skull fractures.
Helmet research, Devin Hamrick, Justin Landers, Memorial hermann, Ridell

Current Helmet Research

Devin Hamrick from Riddell is presenting current helmet research.  

He shares what the company is doing and how they expect changes to come.  Similarly, Devin talks about the data they are gathering with “smart helmets.”

Want to see the presentations:

Here is the Google Drive folder containing  slides from Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Update.

It would not be possible without a little help from my friends:

Thanks to Bob Marley for continuing to allow us to record and interview the speakers.
Likewise, Bubba Wilson, Ryan Collins, Josh Yellen, Mark Knoblauch, Justin Landers, Russell Sadberry, Eduardo Beltran and others helped make the recordings possible.

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