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Follower of Christ, Husband, Father, Athletic Trainer and Host of the Sports Medicine Broadcast. Formerly

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  1. 12 hours ago

    We can blame black men for not being around Or police for incarcirating black men Or any other number of things... But the real question is what can I, as a middle class white medical professional male do to make a difference?

  2. May 24

    Good bless open fire cooking...even if it is hot dogs and Smores

  3. May 24

    Ever hear an 8 hour course in 50 minutes? brings the BFR Facts from during his talk Blood Flow Restriction FACTS – 556 - New Episode

  4. May 22

    Are you good enough to be a consultant? Drs & discuss their experience and expertise on our latest episode to release: AT Consultant Business – 555 Thanks for connecting us.

  5. May 21

    Athletic Trainers are medical professionals who partner with other healthcare providers to prevent and treat athletic injuries. helped us perform some movement testing today to PREVENT injuries.

  6. May 21

    Here is one we did a while back. I'm sure between the two of these you can find some great advice.

  7. May 20
  8. May 17

    Have you completed a residency for AT? I want to hear your story after listening to Dr. Shandra Esparza discuss the Role of Residency in AT – 553 - New Episode

  9. May 16

    Sometimes I am so slow to learn...I have had several pimples become inflamed and need to be cut out...yet I still keep picking at them....will I ever learn????

  10. May 15

    Adam Halpern of helps me understand how and why an LLC is important for a business owner and how you can create one too LLC Update with Jeremy and Adam – 552

  11. May 13
  12. May 10
  13. May 9

    Hey Texas ATs. is now in Texas. I did a podcast with Ellis during NATA on if you want to understand what it is and how it helps drive up the asking price.

  14. May 9

    great conversation on Cramping Science Research today with and Dr. Sandra Fowkes-Godek: We discussed slushies, hydration, neurology, drawing blood while athletes are in full body cramps...let us know your questions

  15. May 9

    TODAY @ 9AM CT Dr. Sandra Fowkes-Godek returns to the to discuss her current findings on our series. Compilation of an 18 months study. watch live on facebook or youtube and ask your questions.

  16. May 8

    let me know your thoughts. can chime in for sure. Any other ATs observing Ramadan personally or as a healthcare provider???

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    May 8
  18. May 8

    Sarah Gill celebrated International Women's Day with me by interviewing some of the women who really inspired her to be a great Athletic Trainer. - New Episode

  19. May 6

    Just did a practice run of my presentation for . One of the topics is about organization. Wife teases me about organization....but it just makes sense Do the work up front and later it is easy.

  20. May 6

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