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GHATS – Hosting the Nations Largest Free SAT workshop – 40

Episode 40 GHATS behind the scenes

Planning a workshop for over 1,000 high school students and 200 Athletic trainers and sports medicine professionals is not easy.  Catherine had a crash course and did a great job.  Hear her feedbackand advise.


A recent discovery in a Athletic Training room file cabinet at Dobie shows that they need to do some cleaning.  This is my senior picture from when i was a student Athletic Trainer…I graduated in 1999.

Jackson high school photo

Semester Wrap Up – 38

Episode 38 Semester Wrap Up

 We are wrapping up semester 1 and getting a feel for what helped the kids learn.  We are also using a couple of different setups so we can prepare for the eventual CEU credits that will be offered.

Same Thing Different State with Michael Stevenson – 30

Episode 30 Same Thing Different State

Michael Stevenson, Program Director for Huntsville Hospital‘s Athletic Training Outreach team joins us to talk about why they were recently selected to grace the cover of Training and Conditioning magazine.

That’s a Wrap Season 2 – 26

Episode 26 Wrap Up Season 2

You can tell it is the end of the year because we got off to a really slow start on this one.  Wrapping up year two we get some feedback and reflect on our guests. Since I am short on time there will be almost no editing for this one.  Thanks for listening!

Overuse Injuries with Bubba Wilson – 23

Episode 23 Bubba Wilson Overuse Injuries

Bubba Wilson

Year round organized sports are too much for young kids.  If the professionals don't play the same sport 12 months a year then why would you ask a 12- 18 year old too? Listen to the stats and let your kid rest.



The Andrew's Institute

Student Athletic Trainer Mischief – 22

Episode 22 Student Trainer Mischief

Kevin Brown, former athletic trainer and longtime friend of Jeremy's joins us to have a couple good laughs as we tell stories of trouble we go into during our time as student athletic trainers. CAUTION: You may not want your students to hear this. 

This was our second skype call and third to be broadcast live via USTREAM.  It was also our first international call, ergo we are now a global force.

Houston Baptist University – 20

Episode 20 Houston Baptist University

Andy Brockway joins us to discuss his story and journey from Utah to become an assistant Athletic Trainer for Houston Baptist University‘s Athletic Training program.  It is always cool to be able to promote “my” school.

Look for HBU Sports Medicine Course Lectures on iTunesU in August

Twitter: @hbuhuskies

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Maximizing Social Media with Morgan Sheen – 19


As a VP and Director of Communications for Meador Staffing, Morgan Sheen knows about building your brand through social media.  If you want to be successful at something then talk to someone who has found success in that area.  That's what I am doing here.

Morgan Sheen, Meador Staffing, Aggie Bryan Gonzalez, Michelle Soria, Sports Medicine Broadcast



Are You Employable with Ben Meador – 18

Episdoe 18 Are You Employable with Ben Meandor

There is a real truth to the proverb “With age comes wisdom.”  Mr. Ben Meador has 44 years of experience hiring people.  They have been successful through several poor job markets because of the visionary leadership of Mr. Meador.  My favorite thing is that Mr. Meador never hesitated when I asked him to come speak to our students and listeners.


twitter @meadorstaffing

Bubba Wilson from Memorial Hermann – 17

Episode 17 Bubba Wilson from Memorial Hermann

Bubba Wilson has had a prolific career throughout Texas as an Athletic Trainer. Because of his vast experiences, he has a lot more to say than we can fit into a normal length podcast. This means we get to invite him back for another episode.

Bubba Wilson almost matching shirts again Episode 17


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March is National Athletic Training Month