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The Sports Medicine Broadcast is a podcast to promote and improve the profession of Athletic Training. Through real discussions with Sports Medicine professionals, we desire to improve our practice in practical and meaningful ways, connect our students with the real world and improve and promote OUR profession.  

In both Houston and New Orleans, the DragonflyMax Podcast Lounge has featured the Sports Medicine Broadcast in the main part of the NATA exhibit hall.  Las Vegas is set to bring some new adventures as well.

I have also podcasted live from PSATS in Orlando, the Davis Mountains in West Texas, South Padre, and annual Memorial Hermann workshops.

Guests on the SMB include NATA presidents, CAATE Presidents, and BOC Board of Directors on the show as well as leading surgeons, PTs, and ATs.

About Jeremy

My family helps ensure we need Sports Medicine
The 5 of us

Proud husband to Sarah
Father to 3 handsome boys
Follower of Christ
Currently in 16th year as a professional AT
Graduated from Houston Baptist University
Intern for the Houston Texans
Student Athletic Trainer at J. Frank Dobie High School

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What others have said about the Sports Medicine Broadcast:

The Sports Medicine Broadcast (SMB)  reaches and teaches not only high school Student ATs, but also college-level Athletic Training Students, professional Athletic Trainers, and other sports medicine professionals. 

Jeremy’s devotion to his students and the Athletic Training community in the Houston area, along with his innovative creativity, has given us something we were lacking: an open, non-restricted bridge between the Sports Medicine community and the experts directly affecting our decisions in caring for the members of our community.

– Daniel Young, ATC LAT

The Sports Medicine Broadcast, hosted by Jeremy Jackson at Pasadena High School, has become a fantastic way to discuss relevant situations relating to athletic trainers in a fun and educational way.  

The Broadcast discusses topics that are directly applicable to the training room; topics that are not often covered in “traditional” periodicals or journals.  Topics such as “Female AT Struggles”, “Rookie Mistakes” and “Fixing Water Stations” have a direct and immediate impact on aspects of our job that are not learned in traditional curriculum settings.  

It has always seemed to me that what we learned in the classroom only accounts for about half of what we do on a daily basis.  The SMB does a great job of discussing all the “other” stuff that we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

– John Harmon, LAT