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Another way to connect

I want you to join the email list so I can have another way to connect you to me.   The podcast is about helping YOU grow at the same time as I am.  I want to Promote Athletic Training and Elevate our profession.

Sponsors and Giveaways

If there are sponsor giveaways this will be your best bet to get involved.  If you have signed up for the giveaways you have at least given me your email, and the read the email I send out, unlike social media.


If I make changes to the show or website and the feeds are not coming through I can drop you a quick line and give you an update.

Sharing your Info?

If you have signed up for the SMB Email List then you should get emails from me, not anybody who pays me.

I do not give your email info out to sponsors.  I will send emails about products or sales on my behalf as part of my sponsorship agreement.

Is it useful?

I never know where each of you is at in their practice.  Some info may  be elementary for you but hit just at the right tome for someone else.  Or that info may just be stored away for later use.

I have realized there is far more i do not know than the stuff i do know in Sports Medicine.  I want each episode, email, sponsorship or communication to be useful.  Even if it is just for laughs.

If the content is useful then share it.

If it is not useful then email me and together we can improve it or I can point you in another direction.

Like Chick-Fil-A

It is my pleasure to serve you.  I love meeting you in person at events or if you are coming through Houston, my home city.

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I really love my wife