Sports Medicine Course Resources

Here are some resources we hope help you improve your Sport Medicine Course

12 Step Program

Bubba Wilson developed this program for his students to continually show growth.  They bought wrist bands that were colored to indicate the level each student was on.

The levels also indicated what students were allowed and trained to do.  Modify this for your situation but it is a great start for creating consistently good results in a sports medicine student program.

Other great tech tools:

Schoology – LMS

Schoology allows you to create a course online for your students and they can complete all worksheets, quizzes and test inside the program.  It has an an and web page so students and teachers can access it anywhere.


Kahoot allows kids a presenter to poll the audience and they compete against each other for the correct answer and fastest time.


HeadsUp game

Heads up; games; playful learning

In your app store there is a HeadsUp game.  The one I downloaded to play with my children allows me to create cards.  You can easily list all of the bones and make students act it out, or only use medical terminology to ID its location


Listen to Maryam Fischer – Horry County Teacher of the Year

Check out the live podcast I did with Maryam at the DragonFly MAX Podcast Lounge about all the crazy cool stuff she is doing at her high school while winning awards and being a full time AT.

Google Drive

Shared Google Drive moderated by Kembra Mathis


My entire Sports Medicine Course folder on Google Drive
 – this is completely unedited so feel free to browse steal and use anything.  Also email me for clarification.


Roland Ramirez's Presentation on Core injuries


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