Pregnancy and Athletes with Sarah Haley – 79

Pregnancy and Fitness expert Sarah Haley has trained people around the world, been a part of creating JUKARI, worked for Reebok and is currently expecting her second child.  Here DVD series Expecting More is a fitness program designed for expecting mothers and is currently one of the top sellers on Amazon.  It was a real pleasure to speak with her and gain some useful knowledge.  Thanks to her son for the surprise guest appearance and bringing her some fruit.

Sara Haley

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Grants Galore with, and PISD Education Foundation – 74

Cindy Parmer (PISD Education Foundation), Stephanie Ascherl ( and Walter Doyle ( all join us to tell us about the way their organizations is supporting educators.

Step 1: Read the instructions

Step 2: Apply

Step 3: Have 2 people proofread it

Don't be afraid to fail, it happens to me all the time.


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