Massage Therapy in Athletic Training – 342

Wes Speights moonlighted as the team Massage Therapist for the Houston Dynamo.  Now that he is retired from his full-time athletic training job he has picked up some more hours.

He is also trained in Active Release and a few other manual therapies.

We discuss the benefits and the best place to get started with learning these hands on skills.

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Chiropractors and Sports Medicine – 116

Chiropractors and Sports Medicine with Dr. Eric Ramirez – 116

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Dr. Eric Ramirez, owner of Chirotecture, joins us to tell me how he fits into the Sports Medicine team. We discuss concussions, nutrition, soft tissue injuries, cracking joints and several other topics.

Thanks to Morgan Wilson Music and JJ Worthen for allowing us to use parts of their songs.

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