APATS Who Are You?

APATS or Asia Pacific Athletic Trainer's Society started in a hotel conference room when some ATs were trying to figure out the best way to help new Athletic Trainers get settled in Asia Pacific.


Our Guests

Erick Chen spent time in China, working with Cirque De Soleil, and opened up a hospital rehabilitation clinic before moving back to the United States (just before COVID)

Ngan “Nina” Chung is an Athletic Trainer at the Candian International School of Hong Kong.

Share some of your story Ngan

  • Born in China
  • Immigrated to the US
  • New Jersey became home
  • An internship in Asia
  • A collegiate AT back in the US.

Erick share some of your expereince

  • SoCal growing up
  • Attended Fresno
  • Several different AT jobs in the states
  • Went to work with Cirqe in Macau
  • 8 Years at United Family Hospital
  • Now back a Los Angeles City College

Struggles of working as an Athletic Trainer in Asia

  • Communicating and education are a huge piece of the puzzle for ATs in Asia Pacific
  • We have to tell people who we are, what we do, why we are important.
  • Creating the role from scratch
  • Literally no space or supplies for an AT Facility
  • The culture of traditional medicine

How did you connect with other ATs in Asia

We did not for a while. We were on our own.

We decided we needed to team up to grow our profession and met up at a hotel and started APATS shortly after.

Now we have the organization and social media.

What are the goals?

  1. Community
  2. Improve the CLinician
  3. Improve the Community buy-in

Where should we go to learn more?

  1. Website- https://www.apats.org/
  2. Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/APATSociety/
  3. IG- https://instagram.com/apatsociety

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