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Exertional Heat Stroke – 563

Dr. Lesley Vandermark discusses practical considerations for Exertional Heat Stroke, Identification and care live at Trinity University's 2019 conference.

What is Heat Stroke?

According to KSI –

“While exertional heat illnesses (EHI) are not always a life-threatening condition, exertional heat stroke (EHS) can lead to fatality if not recognized and treated properly. As the word heat implies, these conditions most commonly occur during the hot summer months; however, EHS can happen at any time and in the absence of high environmental temperatures.”

What are symptoms of Heat Stroke?

In an article by Mom's Team these are listed:

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What are some of the practical considerations?

  1. Have a practiced EAP
  2. Know the signs and symptoms
  3. Use a rectal thermometer
  4. Cold Water Immersion
    1. Cold tub
    2. TACO – Tarp assisted cooling
  5. Activating EMS
    1. again having a practiced EAP with trained personnel
    2. Use
    3. Software like TeamEMSoft to help coordinate location

Contact Dr. Vandermark

Lesley Vandermark – lwvander@uark.edu

Dr. Vandermark's presentation

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TACO Treating Heat Illness

Dr. Lesley Vandermark is a member of of the KSI advisory board

Posted by Sports Medicine Broadcast on Thursday, January 10, 2019

Mobile Sports Medicine Units with Keith Shireman – 427

Keith Shireman, AT for Batesville Pioneers in Arkansas was the recipient of close to $70,000 worth of Mobile Sports Medicine Unit donations.  He has a 28 foot “bumper pull” trailer and a new truck to pull it with.

This did not just fall in his lap though.  He has been building relationships for years in his community and taking people up on their “if you ever need help” offers.

YouTube Video of our interview with Keith

Show Notes

Contact Keith – keithmxatc@yahoo.com

Contact Shawn – shawnreadyatc@gmail.com

Win a School Health Gift Card – sportshealth.com/smb

Here is the proposal I took to our local dental office to partner with them.  Use it as a guide or a starting point to garner community support

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SWATA President Mitzi Laughlin joins us to celebrate National Athletic Training Month.  She tells her story of being the first female Student Athletic Trainer to work football at the University of Texas, being chased by a tank and SWAT team and her trips on NASA's Vomit Comet.  Then Bubba Wilson joins us and we kinda get to story time.

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