DermoNueroModulation – 520

I do not even know what it is…

Brett McQueen loves Athletic Training and nerdy stuff.  He suggested we talk about Dermonueromodulation.  I am learning right along with you.

What is Dermonueromodulation?

Well using my medical terminology i believe Dermonueromodulation goes like this:
Dermo – Skin
Nuero – Nerve
Modulation – Change

But beyond that I am really at a loss.


A quick google search brings up sites like:

or this YouTube video:

NATA NOLA, Pocast Lounge; Dragonfly Max; Brett McQueen; Casey Paulk; Rob McFarlin

Brett McQueen and Colin Perry discuss some of the weather updates in software, hardware, understanding and policy.
Perry Weather presents one of the best weather apps on the market for Athletic Trainers.  It is not just about lightning but ground strikes, temps, humidity, wet bulb and a few other factors.  As a result they have consulted with Athletic Trainers to provide the most pertinent information with room to grow.
We are broadcasting live from the 2018 NATA expo in New Orleans.
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Find Out Why You Should Use Ankle Braces – 197

Brett McQueen is a research nerd.  He enlightens us on some of the most current data supporting using tape and the support for using a brace.
Discussion topics:

Tell us about some of the research you have been studying of in regards to bracing or taping
What different variables did you look at in taping?
How about bracing?
How can you create a control for an ankle taping
How has this information been received athletic trainers, Coaches / Parents?
Where there any style or brand recommendations for braces?
What can we do to help spread the current understanding of the brace tape argument?

Contact Brett McQueen:
Twitter: @bmcqueen42
Twitter: @PHSSportsMed

Making a Difference as a Young Professional – 112

Making a Difference as a Young Professional with Brett McQueen and Mike Hopper- 112

Brett McQueen and Mike Hopper try to question why we do things.  I feel this creates a a drive for knowledge and understanding that is fairly uncommon.  Both of these guys are passionate athletic trainers trying to affect the world around them for the good of our profession and the good of their clients.  Nicole Cascia and Will Ryan join Dr. Josh Yellen on the show from UofH MAT.

Lightning Performance Solutions

The Mike Hopper Blog

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Show notes for Episode 112

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