Crisis Etiquette

Bubba Wilson discusses Crisis Behavior or Crisis Etiquette live from the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Update. He has been leading D6 in ATsCare since its inception and has learned a lot over the years.

Crisis Behavior, Bubba Wilson

Discussion topics: 

Did crisis management help you be prepared for being inducted into the SWATA Hall of Fame?

AT Cares drove me there.

CCISM credential:

Certified Critical Incident Stress Management – Level 1 deals with individuals in crisis, the majority of AT Cares population. Level 2 deals with groups in crisis. 

Began Crisis Management training in 2019. 

AT’s managing grief:

Grief comes in at a later time, ATs have to finish the game/event after a critical injury/event.

AT Cares reaches out once notified to ensure assistance is provided where needed

NATA Gather Program Integration:

Young professionals can use NATA’s gather program to find mentors. 

Crisis on campus – what is the best method to find that definite grief to counsel them?

Don’t counsel them. Listen. Refer out. 

Soapbox Warning – What is step 1 in managing the secondary loss of loved ones?

Have affairs in order. Have a will, have life insurance. Have your burial wishes written down. Have the conversation. Have a list of your account usernames and passwords. Know how many death certificates you may need. Legal Zoom is a good resource. Make sure you constantly update your affairs. The primary loss will be exacerbated if we don’t handle our affairs. 

Currently working on a presentation with AT Cares members regarding their experiences with loss and what they’ve learned along the way.

Thanks, Sydney Hayes for creating the Crisis Behavior show notes

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Crisis Behavior, HOIST

Shoulder Rehab Tips – 494

Shoulder Rehab Tips and Tricks

Perfect on your Shoulder Rehab Skills?

Yeah, me either.  I can always learn more about shoulder rehab.  Luckily I have my friend and occasional co-host Ryan Collins, a PT for Memorial Hermann, on the show again as we continue our shoulder series, cover tips and tricks, and see if there are any weird rehab things he has seen or uses.

; Shoulder rehab; John Fite; danger Alert System; Brain Pain; Ryan Collins

Houston Methodist has given us some really nice posters to help guide athletes through their shoulder work.

Shoulder rehab; Houston Methodist



Who else is on the show?

Bubba Wilson – friend, talker and expert in all things.

Jeremy Jackson – Host of the Sports Medicine Broadcast

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Shoulder Anatomy – 489

Are you a Shoulder Anatomy expert?

I am not a Shoulder Anatomy expert.  I know there are things I can still earn and use to help me understand, evaluate and rehab the shoulder.  When I do not know an answer or notice a consistent weakness I normally head towards gaining understanding.

Fortunately I have some friends and colleagues that can help me gain understanding.

Bubba has 3 shoulder surgeries under his belt and needs a fourth.

Marcus Knox, a Physical Therapist for Houston Methodist, joins the podcast for the first time.

What is this podcast about?

Always improving the profession of athletic training…but if you are this far into it you probably mean this specific one.

Here we are focusing on shoulder anatomy to review, identify some tips and discuss some unusual anatomy findings of the shoulder.

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Shoulder Anatomy

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Show Notes:  Click to see the full show notes


The Rehab Toolbox: An Update on Modalities with Kevin Maloney – 454

Kevin Maloney, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, LAT
Thanks to Bob Marley for continuing to allow us to record and interview the speakers.
Bubba Wilson, Ryan Collins, Josh Yellen, Eduardo Beltran and everyone else who helped make the recordings possible.
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Emergency Bag Maximization – 444

Do You Have an Emergency Bag?

Is your Emergency bag packed and ready to go?

Is it easily identifiable?

Do your helpers know what to do if you say go get the emergency bag?

Have you checked with your local EMS about what might be good to add to your kit?


Emergency Bag

Experience Talks:

Perry and Bubba join the Sports Medicine Broadcast to share best practices in packing an emergency bag for the best opportunity at success.

If Perry only had one item to help in an emergency it would be a clean towel.

Some of the items they mentioned:

NasoPharyngeal Airway
CPR Mask
Magic marker –
     T on head for tourniquet
     Numbering system for accountability
Perry’s “Magic Towel”
Pulse ox – good for asthma kids in regular use
Flat and Phillips head screwdriver or Leatherman multi-tool
Small mirror
Hard candy for diabetic
Head lamp to replace pen light

Cynch-Lock Tamper Evident Seals

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Show Notes


Eating Disorders in Athletic Training – 424

Courage – the ability to do something that frightens you

Catherine Lawrence has an eating disorder.  She asked me to do a podcast about the subject.  She shares her story about lying, purging, passing out, going to rehab, relapsing, and the constant struggle with not demonizing food.

Getting behind the mic, on camera and sharing your story takes courage.  in the video she can be seen shaking because of the fear.  But she continues to tell her story.

We are joined by experts Dr. Carrie McAdams and Jennifer Nagel.

Show Notes



Google drive folder with PDF documents

CEU Courses:

“The Female Athlete Triad” By Barbara Hoogenboom 

“Nutrition In Sports” By Barbara Hoogenboom 


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That One Parent – Helicopters with Owen Iseminger – 420

Helicopter parents area parents who take an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children according to

Owen Iseminger works with more affluent students and parents who tend to be in this group more often.  Through 8 years in this setting he has learned some tips and tricks for dealing with Helicopters.

  1. Be on top of your evaluations
  2. Explain multiple possibilities and how the rehab plan will help the total body.  
  3. Don’t be annoyed or upset if they want a 2nd opinion.
  4. Set them up with the best physician you can even if something minor, they expect to see the best.
  5. Win trust of other parents.  They talk to each other and good gossip about you goes a long way.
  6. Make them feel like their child is important, if they feel like they are 1/100s they won’t accept that.
  7. Always stay professional
  8. Go the extra mile to update them on injuries
  9. Have coaches support, as they will go ask coach about the athletic trainer or for updates.
  10.  Even if kid is not injured, have a relationship with the parent, even if it’s, just a simple hello and asking how their kid is doing.

Contact Owen –

Show Notes

YouTube Video


Management of the Diabetic Athlete – 416

Bubba Wilson, LAT, ATC

Bubba is best known for his ability to fill any moment of silence and the countless soapboxes he can stand on.
He also enjoys long walks on the lawn as he is mowing his yard, playing golf and shooting the bull with friends.
Thanks to Bob Marley for continuing to allow us to record and interview the speakers.
Shawn Ready, Bubba Wilson, Ryan Collins, Josh Yellen, Jazmin Dozal and everyone else who helped make the recordings possible.
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Dr. Steven Flores Interview – 395

Steven Flores, MD

Dr. Steven Flores, M.D. is an Assistant professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery  at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Dr. Flores is the Team Physician for the Houston Texans and Houston Rockets and Head Team Physician for St. Thomas High School. Additionally, he is the Assistant Team Physician for the University of Houston athletics.

Dr. Flores is fellowship trained in sports medicine and arthroscopy at Baylor College of Medicine. He is also a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine.

Frio Hydration provides Superior Hydration products and is the official hydration provider of the Sports Medicine Broadcast
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Alternative Exercises for those who Cannot – 355

We all have that kid who either wants to work really hard and just can't do to injury or that wants to use the injury as a reason to be lazy.  We are also faced with man power issues in that if we cannot babysit those the whole time.  Athletic Trainers need to have a list of exercises to pull from knowing we will not cause harm to the injured site.

Bob Marley is CSCS, works with the Houston Texans, at my Alma Mater Houston Baptist University, East Bernard High School and has 35 years experience.

Shawn Ready is a former Collegiate Athletic Trainer and Cross Fit coach.

Bubba Wilson has lots of experience and is an expert in all things

Show Notes 352

YouTube – 352

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