Ginny Garner is improving AT in Cali – 472

Is anyone improving Athletic Training in California?

Ginny Garner is a regional manager for The ATvantage, an AT placement service now serving California and Arizona.

She discusses some of her journey and some of the positive impact they are making in California, currently the least Athletic Trainer friendly state.

Ginny Garner; podcast lounge; ATVantage; NATA 2018; New Orleans

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“When Ginny Garner’s full-time industrial position was no longer fitting her needs, she began to look outside the box and found part-time work with ATvantage.
This opportunity, her passion for athletic training, and for raising her family has led her on a unique journey to where she is today as the Regional Manager for ATvantage.”
Check out the blog article ATVantage did on her as they highlight women in AT.

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USA Rugby: No AT Means No Match – 340

USA Rugby required any sanctioned event have a Doctor, Athletic Trainer, or Paramedic onsite for the duration of the event or the matches will be cancelled.  Charlie Wund and InjureFree were able to help make this happen by tracking injuries and showing trends.

The best data to have is actionable data.  Use what you have and start making changes or talking about it.  As the data grows then adjust and incorporate the new findings.

Show Notes 340:

YouTube 340

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