Sports Medicine Course Best Practices – 323

If you teach Sports Medicine in the secondary setting then you likely have been with curriculum support.  In a way that is great and allows you to make or create anything you want.  But on the same hand you must either create everything or beg borrow and steal it from somewhere else.

Here are a few people I know teach some good lessons in Sports Medicine, so take what you want and use as best you can in your situation.

Kembra Mathis
Jesse Lopez
Amanda Hawkes
Matt Babisak
Mike Hopper
Jessica Pfannstiel
Erin Vincent

We also spoke with Kirsten Farrell at Venice High school who leads an award winning sports medicine team.

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NHSSM The Club – 322

Eli Hallak and Catherine Marr are academic advisers or sponsors for the National Honor Society for Sports Medicine.  Cat Marr has started the club recently to allow more of the school to participate and to continue to reward the hard working students that might not be able to make it in an honors society.

There is also a student version of the old BOC test-
Your students could take the test and qualify compete at nationals.

Our conversation about NHSSM Just kept rolling so I split the other two topics into a separate episode.

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National Honor Society for Sports Medicine – 321

Eli Hallak started the NHSSM to help gain recognition for his Sports Medicine Students.  His Classes kept growing and he was able to justify hiring another athletic trainer to help teach the classes and work the events.

He has had students get into college ATEP programs based on involvement and activity in NHSSM.

Follow up episode – NHSSM The Club

Show Notes 321

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Ethics in Athletic Training – 137

I was recently asked about Athletic Trainers gambling on sports events.  Cat Marr asked for feedback and it has prompted a discussion on Ethics.  We have recruited Timothy Neal and Cathy Supak to weigh in on the subject of Ethics in Athletic Training.

Representing U of H MAT Dr. Josh Yellen has an important role in shaping the ethics of our future.

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