Changing Settings – Joel Luedke

Joel, where did you start as an AT, how long were you there?

D1 Track and field – the pay was not great

Took the head AT spot at a D3 school that gave more money and last hours

Currently working at a local clinic

Joel Luedke

What was next on your AT journey?

My job was the first job that was paid for directly through athletics.

With the change to MAT programs we knew we needed to take advantage of the unavailability of GA positions.

Is this where you plan to stay?

This is a loaded question.

I currently have a 1-hour each-way commute

I will hopefully look for something close to home

The clinic setting is probably where I will be for the remainder of my career.

What pushed you to change settings?

We were losing staffing but there was no reduction in expectations.

I also had changes in my personal life – we had a kid.

I was not going to be able to fulfill those commitments and could not ask the team to pick up my slack.

Which skills transferred?

It was fast-paced in the clinic.

What held you back from moving on?

I loved my job at the university

If we could have gotten the staffing then I likely would have stayed.

We had done so much to change and build things.

Talks with a close colleague with more years of experience were really important for me.

Do you have any regrets?

I miss daily interactions

I miss daily treatments and the rehab side of it.

I have been working to create those opportunities.

I miss the moving and shaking and trying to figure things out.

No regrets, just miss some stuff

I would not trade the time with family for the loss of those things.

A favorite resource for someone looking to change settings?

Talking to people

Listen to podcasts that discuss their setting

Take some tours

Talk about some of your accomplishments:

I never complain about being bored, but i do not feel like i am operating at 100%.

The team has been open to options

We recently got a service agreement with tactical operation teams.

Opening up dry needling same-day appointments.

How has the network been important?

The team physician was really willing to get people in to take care of the athlete.

My current supervisor used to work for me at the university.

We are all looking out for each other and trying to make thighs happen.

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Joel Luedke

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