International Athletic Training – 446

Mark Gibson is currently the head of the International Committee and is looking at ways to expand the reach of Athletic Training outside of the US borders.  There are lots of opportunities for ATs to volunteer, intern or work out side the US right now.  Mark first joined the Sports Medicine Broadcast while on site at NATA Houston and is coming back to tell us even more.

Stephanie Ascherl leads in Houston.  Previously appearing on a podcast where we discussed grant opportunities Stephanie's organization specializes in sending teachers on summer enrichment opportunities.  If you are an AT working for a qualifying school district then read up and see if one of the International Committee opportunities can be funded by

International Committee

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While your on those long international flights you could be using the Medbridge App to earn some of your CEUs.  Register using my code “TheSMB” to save money, support the podcast, and be entered to win a second year free.


Athletic Training Abroad – 214
Caleb Lott grew up in the US going to college in North Carolina and South Carolina but he took an internship in China.  He returned to the US for a few years then got offered a new position at the Shanghai American School where he currently works.
Hear how he got there
Why he stays
Some of the challenges and rewards
How you might be able to do something similar
Traditional Chinese Medicine Tour
Twitter: @PHSSportsMed