Bringing CISM to Houston with Bubba Wilson – 272

Congrats to my friend Bubba on being named the District six rep for the ATCares program in the initial roll out.

The presentation from Bubba Wilson

We should be in the works for bringing the CISM team to Houston thanks to the work Bubba is doing.

We are broadcasting live and interviewing the speakers of the Memorial Hermann's Sports Medicine Update.  It is a great way to continue improving your athletic training practice.  There are always new topics, new aspects of old topics and great re-freshers.

We plan to release the lecture and then the interview.  Through the course of the summer the podcasts will be shorter, more frequent, and a lot more raw (less editing).

All the lectures and handouts have been uploaded and are now available on Google Drive.

Once the school year resumes we will return to our regular format.

Thanks to @rrmarley   @UofHMAT  @DozalJazmin Nicole Cascia, Ryan Collins and several others for the contributions.

Also be sure you are signed up for the SMB Email List as there will be codes and prizes given out from that list for our partnership with


Critical Incident Stress Management – 219

At my district we are moving forward with implementing tools and policy to better serve the medical providers in the event of a critical incident at work.  Athletic trainers do not normally deal with the death of an athlete, parent or coach.  Even less often is when they perform life saving measures and still lose the person.  We are not Emergency Department employees that see this daily and we also have a relationship built with those people.  Please look into improving a really rotten situation before it happens.
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