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Dr. Micki Cuppett runs a business as an AT consultant. Dr. Jeff Konin has been a long time friend and colleague of Micki's.

Who is Micki Cuppett?

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Micki has an extensive history in Athletic Training and AT education.

Here is a little of her Linkedin Bio:

Micki Cuppett has more than 30 years of experience as an athletic trainer, medical educator, and administrator. She is now self-employed as a consultant in the areas of strategic planning, leadership, accreditation, AT education, medical simulation and innovation. Known internationally for her work in instructional technology, simulation, and clinical encounter documentation, she has published numerous works in interprofessional education and co-authored Medical Conditions in the Athlete, a widely used textbook now on its third edition.

One of things I love most about her bio is she led the CAATE from a budget deficit to a surplus while converting all of the accreditation process to an electronic platform.

You know how I love for people to get out of debt and build wealth following the Dave Ramsey model

Who is Jeff Konin?

Consultant, consulting, Jeff Konin, Micki Cuppett

Well, he too has accomplished a lot:

  • Currently Vice President of Global Education & Research for American Institute of Balance in Largo, FL
  • Currently President of Konin Consulting, LLC
  • Has held faculty appointments at James Madison University, University of South Florida, and University of Rhode island
  • Author of 24 academic textbooks, numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts, and invited speaker throughout the United States as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Romania, England, Netherlands, Spain, and Austria.
  • His clinical experiences have included serving as the Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine at JMU, stints at the United States Olympic Training Centers in Lake Placid and Colorado Springs, and serving on the medical staff for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. He has also served as a medical coordinator for the USA Wheelchair Rugby Paralympic Team, and provided care for Disney World marathons, NASCAR and Professional Rodeo events.
  • Founding Partner of the Rehberg Konin Group provide expert advice in the area of risk management, and Founder and President of Coastal Health Consultants, from 1991-2001 offered continuing education workshops throughout the United States

NATA awards include:

  • Continuing Education Excellence,
  • Athletic Training Service Award,
  • Most Distinguished AT Award (MDAT),
  • NATA Fellow recognition status,
  • Advancement of Legal, Ethical & Regulatory Issues by the Professional Responsibility in AT Committee (PRAT)

What are they up to right now?

Dr. Cuppett is a full time consultant.

Dr. Konin has a full time job and does a lot of Legal Risk Consulting

Adam Halpern from Innovate AT also joins to help us understand the middle ground / transitional phase of becoming a consultant.

Are you good enough to be a consultant?

Micki Cuppett – Email Dr. Cuppett

Jeff Konin – Email Dr. Konin

Email Adam

Jeremy Jackson

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