Hamstring: Early Rehab with Goody – 522

Brian Goodstein aka Goody, is the Head AT for DC united and joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast at the Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers' Society PSATS annual meeting to discuss Hamstring Injuries.

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As a former Strength and Conditioning Coach and Director of Sports Performance at Metro Orthopedic and Sports Therapy, “Goody” is well versed in early stage rehab as well as late stage return to play for most injuries.

Likewise, Brian served one term as vice president and president of PSATS.

Similarly he was a member of the MLS Advisory Committee, and currently serves on the MLS policy and procedures committee, MLS concussion committee, and is on the editorial board for Training and Conditioning Magazine.

Moreover, In 2007 and 2004, he was honored as the MLS Athletic Trainer of the Year.

This is the first in a series of Hamstring injuries podcasts.

So what are we talking about?

Lower leg, hamstring and groin injuries can plague a season for both athletes and teams alike in the MLS. Brian Goodstein, head athletic trainer for DC United shares with us early intervention strategies and early stage rehab considerations.

But I always take 2x the recommended dose

Have an athlete obsessed with ibuprofen? Listen in as to why the pros place an emphasis on NOT taking NSAIDs post injury.

What else are we covering at PSATS?

Where are we?

The beautiful JW Marriott in Grande Lakes Orlando at the Professional Soccer Athletic Trainer Society annual meeting before the combine.

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Alexandra McDonald – 515

DC United presents Alexandra McDonald

Who is Alexandra McDonald?

  • A relative rookie in the MLS
  • Athletic Trainer for DC United
  • Former college Soccer player

How can I be like her?

  • Know the sport
  • Work Hard
  • Communicate
  • Network
  • Volunteer
  • Reach out to some of the MLS ATs
  • Network some more

Seriously reach out to the ATs working Pro Soccer, they are very approachable. find a way to help out with their camps, practices or facilities.

Need to contact Alexandra?

Need to get a hold of me?

Jeremy Jackson – Host of the Sports Medicine Broadcast

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