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Have to travel with teams or take your treatments on the road?

Mike McKinney and Josh Ogden work in the college setting where there is a lot of travel.

Greg Evans worked at Wheaton College and now helps School Health bring top quality products to athletic trainers.

Brand zanaflex over the net works in the secondary setting and takes several overnight team trips per year.

Get glucophage online, owner of The Get glucophage online travels internationally with various teams and had lots of great tips.

From the voice of experience here are some of the best things do to in preparation, on site, maintaining privacy and keeping your hotel room free from being the mobile ATR.

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YouTube Traveling ATR

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Greg Evans is the driving force in partner School Health with the Sports Medicine Broadcast.  He is an Athletic Trainer leading a company to provide better products to Athletic Trainers.  We wanted to give some thoughts opinions and insight into some of the products that are new and available to improve our practice as athletic trainers.

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