Promoting Your Program to Your Student Body – 429

Chris Shaddock is my Guru for promoting your Sports Medicine Program.  He works hard, has great ideas and great support.  He is a guy in Athletic Training you want to try and be like.

Greg Goerig and Casey Lougheed work together at Midloathian Heritage High School and are building a reputable and respected program for Sports Medicine.

The biggest takeaway for promoting your program is getting kids who can really meet high standards and represent your program well.  Once you have a core group of high quality student helpers then they will promote your program naturally.

Some of our other ideas:

Scavenger Hunt
Big NATM promotions
Elected officials creating proclamations for NATM
Inter-school competitions
Mass Physicals
Mass CPR training
Regular presence on the Junior High campus


Chris Shaddock

Greg and Casey

From NATA PR chair Jamie Woodall:


Starting from Scratch – 222
Greg opened up a new facility.  It seems like a dream come true to be able to involved in every aspect of the new facility, but sometimes dreams don't come true.  Or they do only after a lot of hard work.  He shares tips and tricks, thoughts and concerns for opening a new facility.
Discussion topics:

How involved were you in the planning process?
What dollar values were you given?
What starting dimensions versus final dimensions were you given?
How much startup capital was given?
Ordering everything new seems like a dream, discuss your experience.
Discuss building a student program from scratch
Top tips for opening a new facility:

Twitter: @PHSSportsMed