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Arm Care Routines to Strengthen and Prevent Injuries – 438

Kari Beth Williams – works currently as a high school AT, but has worked in independent league baseball as well as a pitching coach.

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Running Mechanics – 215



Ryan Green has extensive expertise in running.  His lively hood is focused on helping people run better.
as managing partner of Varsity Running
Discussion topics:
Most common running injuries.
How to fix them
Which shoe type is better?
Which apps help us identify mechanical errors?
Contact: @rundocryan
Twitter: @PHSSportsMed

Stretch Yourself – Injury Prevention – 133

Rashad Ford is a certified Strength and conditioning specialist for Memorial Hermann.  My students wanted to know about stretching and flexibility and how that effects performance.

I am proud of my students for coming up with the topic and questions for a relevant topic to athletes and Athletic Trainers.

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