Rural AT Problems with Laura Manning – 441

Houston is home to one the leading medical centers in the world.  There is a doctor, neighborhood ER, Physical Therapist and every kind of specialist you can think of within 45 minutes (half of that is time is due to traffic and lights)

Laura Manning works in a small rural community.  There are absolutely some benefits to being in a small community where everyone knows you and pulls together, but as a medical provider you have to be ready to do more with less.

Here we discuss some of the challenges and benefits facing a small town healthcare provider.

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Sports Medicine Products: Revolutionary, useful and just plain cool – 189

Greg Evans is the driving force in partner School Health with the Sports Medicine Broadcast.  He is an Athletic Trainer leading a company to provide better products to Athletic Trainers.  We wanted to give some thoughts opinions and insight into some of the products that are new and available to improve our practice as athletic trainers.

Show Notes – 189

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