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Eating Disorders in Athletic Training – 424

Courage – the ability to do something that frightens you

Catherine Lawrence has an eating disorder.  She asked me to do a podcast about the subject.  She shares her story about lying, purging, passing out, going to rehab, relapsing, and the constant struggle with not demonizing food.

Getting behind the mic, on camera and sharing your story takes courage.  in the video she can be seen shaking because of the fear.  But she continues to tell her story.

We are joined by experts Dr. Carrie McAdams and Jennifer Nagel.

Show Notes



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“The Female Athlete Triad” By Barbara Hoogenboom

“Nutrition In Sports” By Barbara Hoogenboom


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Drugs and Concussions 229

Dr. David Brody is sometimes labeled as a cowboy because he tends to be liberal with prescribing drugs that will help manage concussions.  This was a great question and answer session for using drugs to help with neurological issues

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