The Places You Will Go – 626

Searching for a career people consider The Places You Will Go as a determining factor.

That may be upward along the corporate ladder or it may be outward around the country or around the world.

the places you will go

Josh and Jamie share the places you will go with AT service

John Ciecko does a lot of traveling. Some of it is personal, some is business. Some trips are, of course, both.

He talks to Josh and Jamie Woodall about the places that AT service has taken them.

Here in this 30-minute podcast, we do not get to discuss all of the places they have gone but their favorites are:

Talledega for Josh

Superbowl in Atlanta for Jamie

Hit the Hill day in Washington DC

How can AT take you places?

Josh says it is simply through service and volunteering. Becoming part of the local, state or national governing bodies is a great way.

Jamie got roped into being the PR person becauseJohs needed help. She has now completed her full term as PR chair for the NATA as well as serving on other committees both locally and nationally

Caleb Lott is an AT in China and listens to the show regularly.

Where has Athletic Training taken you?

I would love to hear your stories of cool or unique adventures in Athletic Training.

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