COVID19 RTP Recommendations – 639

Have you prepared your COVID19 RTP plans?

Bart Peterson and Jennifer Rheeling join the SMB to discuss the current recommendations and considerations created by the NATA Secondary Schools Athletic Trainer Committee to help you create your COVID19 RTP.


We need to reconsider EAPs to include social distancing guidelines.

What about lightning…now, where will they go?

Know what phase of COVID19 RTP you are in from the local public health department.

Know the terminology and how its is defined:

Phase 2 is groups of 50.  Is that on the field or altogether outside at once?

Covid response team

Who is on yours?

They need to know what the plan of action is if you have a room full of kids and one test positive with temps or signs and symptoms.

ATs are a key component in risk mitigation

Being part of the decision-making process is important.

We also have to know how we are going to take care of the over 55 population…coaches, teachers, and officials.

Communication with the school nurse is crucial and this is a great way to build the bridge.

Cleaning Supplies

Districts may need to buy them out of another fund or fund next years purchases now even though budgets have not opened


NO water sources until phase 3

Illness Reporting – start with the state, including local, report up the chain. 

Telemedicine –

Congress made this easier during COVID19

Need consent each time you do a telemedicine video

Can not cross state lines

Document as normal

Know your platform

Make sure that this is not occurring in a bedroom

Facebook Video of the COVID19 RTP talk


COVID19 RTP Document


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