Social Media and Athletic Trainers with Jodie Kennemer – 421

Jodie Kennemer, legal counsel for PISD, shares tips and thoughts to help keep ATs out of legal trouble on social media.

We work through her presentation and provide general advice but then dig deeper into the more grey areas that we might not consider as being questionable.

A couple of basic rules:

If you think its questionable then it is.

Never post or while in in altered state of mind (drunk, angry, traumatic events…)

If you would not say or show it to your young child don't say it on social media.

Make sure that your account is open to parents and admin.

90% of inappropriate relationships involve texting or messaging of some sort.


Remind – keeps numbers private and all messages can be seen.  It also allows you to set office hours so messages before or after a certain hour receive a warning.

Hootsuite – can schedule posts for multiple platforms and can also give access to another person to help manage and edit posts.

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Green Jackets are Cool with Sandy Miller – 382

Sandford “Sandy” Miller has retired and been inducted into the NATA hall of fame.  After many years at Stephen F. Austin as teh Athletic Trainer he has moved to the academic and advising side of our profession.  With years always comes some wisdom and Sandy shares some of his with Cathy Supak and John Harmon
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Rookie Mistakes – 113

Rookie Mistakes with John Harmon, Bubba Wilson, Mark Knoblauch and Nicole Cascia – 113

John Harmon and I have spent a good bit of time together riding to meetings for GHATS.  One time we began discussing things we wish they had taught us in college to help us succeed as an athletic trainer in the secondary setting.  Budgeting, building relationships with vendors, insurance claim forms, student athletic trainer programs…they may have taught us something about them, but we could not recall lessons or courses on these topics.  So we decided to share some stories and things we have learned.  Nicole Cascia is going to be a rock star after hearing from so many experienced ATs about how to not fail.

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Show notes for Episode 113

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