Publishing a Book – 558

Dr. Mark Knoblauch and Dr. Jeff Konin join forces to teach us about publishing a book.

I am an AT, I Can't Publish a Book

This is pretty much the statement I said to Dr. Knoblauch when he suggested the topic.

But then he mentioned our adoption story. we now have experience with the system, emotions, training, rejections.

Sometimes publishing a book is only to have your story written down.

Others it is to entertain someone

Furthermore others are written for education.

Some of the discussion topics:

  • Book idea conception and design (when/how to turn a thought into a book)
  • Publishing process
  • Getting a publisher and/or agent
  • What is involved (writing, editing, formatting, cover design, marketing, obtaining reviews)
  • Expenses involved for self-publishing (cover design, ISBN, etc.)

Why Dr. Konin and Knoblauch?

Dr. Konin has a little experience…

  • Author of 24 published textbooks, actively working on writing 3 textbooks now
  • Books have been translated in Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean
  • Special Tests for Orthopedic Examination in its 5th Edition, Allied Health Best Seller first published in 1997
  • Author of 30 textbook chapters
  • Has published for Slack, Human Kinetics, Elsevier, and self-published

Dr. Knoblauch owns a publishing company

As previously discussed on Imbalances and Disequilibrium, Dr. Mark Knoblauch owns a small publishing company.

  • Certified as an athletic trainer since 1996, as CSCS since 1997, and licensed as LAT since 1999.
  • PhD in Kinesiology, Post-doc in Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2012
  • Ten published books, several in development
  • Published book topics include vestibular disorders, special diets, running, time management
  • Publishing includes both self-published (print-on-demand) and direct-to-publisher

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Dr. Jeff Konin –

Dr. Mark Knoblauchmaknobla@Central.UH.EDU

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