Eric Rueda – LS 18

Just two years out of college Eric Rueda is looking to learn or as Mike Hopper once said “green and growing”.  He really enjoys reading articles and finding out why we do things the way we do as athletic trainers.  I love that he is learning and passionate about improving the health and safety of his athletes.

After the interview Eric went to thank the people he mentioned in the show.  You never know when your last opportunity to be grateful is.

I am so thankful for each listener of the Sports Medicine Broadcast.  I hope that I got to meet you at NATA or will get to soon.  Please contact me if there is something I can do to help you improve the practice as an Athletic Trainer.


Kelly Salter – LS17

Kelly Salter was chilling on a beach and came across the Sports Medicine Broadcast and has been listening since then.  She actually had her own podcast back in the day and has always enjoyed getting her content on the go.

Work life balance is crucial for Kelly.  Her husband coaches at her high school, her kids attend her high school and she is the only AT there.

Set the expectation, communicate early and often and follow through.  You only get one shot to raise your family, there will always be more freshman.

Also if your BOC is about to go invalid call them and ask what you can do.  don't just duck your head in the sand

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Vidal Mora – LS16

Vidal Mora joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast to share his Athletic Trainer story as we spotlight you the listener.

Vidal took a while to figure out what he wanted to do and switched from video production to chiropractic, nursing and finally to sports medicine.

Currently working as an Orthopedic Tech he finds working with pediatrics is the most rewarding for him.

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Thanks for being part of the Sports Medicine Broadcast.

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