Airway Management with Sports Medicine Concepts – 451

Mike Cendoma knows Athletic Training, Airway Management and Emergency Procedures.  His company created the FMXtractor to help quickly and safely remove a face mask during an emergency.

He has also developed TeamEMSoft, a program designed to help you walk through you emergency plan, share it with visiting teams and local EMS.

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Pectus Excavation and Cannatum in Sports – 399

KuoJen Tsao, MD

Clinically, Dr. Tsao is the co-director of The Fetal Center at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, one of the few programs that performs open fetal surgery. In addition, Dr. Tsao is a clinical researcher with interests in quality and safety in pediatric surgery. As the Vice-chair of Quality for the Department of Pediatric Surgery, he leads the Pediatric Surgical Safety Initiative at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. His primary research is focused on the errors and adverse children’s events as well as efficacy of the surgical safety checklist in children’s surgery. Dr. Tsao’s research program supports medical students and surgical residents interested in pediatric surgical clinical research.

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