I have CTE with Joe DeLamiellure – 508

What is CTE?

CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is something we can not diagnose in living patients at this time.  We can measure markers or indicators.

Joe D joins the podcast to share his story of living with the markers of CTE.  He shares some of his stories and experiences as he is learning to deal with the disease.

Joe DeLamielleure; Frio Hydrtion; CTE

Who is Joe DeLamiellure?

NFL Hall of Famer
13 season with the Buffalo Bills as an offensive lineman
Blocked for OJ Simpson
185 consecutive games
He also claims to never have missed a practice or game from junior high forward.

I normally give a way to contact the guest, but Joe said he does not even own a computer.

Where are we?

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What is takes to be an NFL AT – 335

Shone Gipson

Shone Gipson Is the Head Athletic Trainer for the Buffalo Bills and graduate of the University of Houston.  We focus on what it takes for someone to work in the NFL.

Shone's Top Skill recommendation: Be a good communicator

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Show Notes 335

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Athletic Training in the NFL with Roland Ramirez of the Houston Texans – 42

Episode 42 Roland Ramirez

2013-02-13 10.39.18

Roland took some time out of his very busy schedule working with the Houston Texans to come speak on the podcast.  Working in the NFL is a lot harder and more demanding than you might think at first.

Check out the video on YouTube or Ustream

Also be sure to check out the rehabilitation tool he has developed: