Team Building in Athletic Training – 431

Johnny Gomez runs a high quality  sports medicine program in Springbranch's Northbrook High School.  Consistently carrying 25 – 35 student workers to aid in his sports medicine program he give ownership and leadership to the students as well as opportunities for student growth through summer camps.

Mike Harrison, Mary Miller and Chay Nersesian are three of the Athletic Trainers at Allen High School, one of the states powerhouse athletic programs.  When Athletics are a huge success there is equal pressure for the sports medicine team to be a high functioning machine.   Carrying 55+ student athletic training aides is tough to do, having that many get a long and work together for years is an amazing accomplishment.

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Show Notes

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Allen High School
Mary Miller
Mike Harrison
Chay Nersesian

Johnny Gomez @ NorthBrook High School