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Where Are We Headed with Tory Lindley – 461

Tory Lindley

Tory Lindley on the Sports Medicine Broadcast live in NOLA

Tory Lindley is taking the reigns of the NATA and discusses some of the things he would like to see accomplished while president. Not in contrast to previous leaders he is very complimentary of the support staff that make his job possible.
We are broadcasting live from the 2018 NATA expo in New Orleans.
We used Facebook live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live and even periscope to stream as many of the NATA 2018 Expo Interviews as possible.
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Tory Lindley shares why he would make a good NATA president

Tory Lindley has held multiple leaderships in NATA and GLATA.

Here he shares some of his perspective and ideas of why he would be a good pick for NATA President.

His greatest memory relating to AT: Having his kids grow up in the ATR, wrapping each other in Ace Wraps and just being involved.

Contact Tory by


Twitter: @ToryLindley

Phone: 847-491-8867

YouTube: https://youtu.be/5PRHpQZ6UnM