Youth Soccer vs Pro Considerations – 544

Kurt Andrews returns to the Sports Medicine Broadcast in-person at #PSATS2019 to discuss Youth Soccer considerations.

Soccer is the most popular sport

At my school we have more kids playing soccer than any other sport. It is the one program that actually needs to make cuts to maintain a manageable size.

Here at the high school kids are playing for pretty much free. a pair of cleats and their own practice clothes and they is it.

The problem comes when they are playing weekend club tournaments that they pay money to be on the team. These teams do not provide medical care. They often do not employ fully-competent coaches.

Where does that leave us?

Our district policy is we as AT treat Athletic Injuries that occurred as a direct result from high school sports participation

Got hurt at home playing with your brother…
Car accident…
Club team injury…
Basically anything that happened outside of school sanctioned athletics…

You most go to a doctor first and be cleared before we can treat you.

Kurt Andrews joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast to answer some of the following questions

How often do Pro players

  • Practice?
  • Play games?
  • Receive medical attention
  • Spend time recovering
  • Spend time away from the sport

What medical consideration should youth soccer players / parents / Athletic Trainers be prepared to address?

Does all the extra practice, games, drills really help you improve your chances of reaching the pros?

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