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Robert McFarlin – LS2

Listener Spotlight #2 features repeat guest and big fan of the Sports Medicine Broadcast Robert McFarlin.


Listener Spotlights will all have the same format.  10 – 30 minutes for you to share your story using the following questions as a guide:

Years in the profession:
How did you learn about athletic training:
What is your Athletic Trainer story
Tell us about the worst injury you have dealt with:
Tell us your most memorable moment as an AT:
What life lesson have you learned:
Give one piece of advice to Athletic Trainers:
Which three people would you like to thank and why:

Robbie is also owner of Zithromax express delivery one of major supporters of the show.

Restart My Heart

A heart stopping story you will want to listen to with my friend and Official Hydration Equipment provider of the Sports Medicine Broadcast.  Use the promo code: SMBGETFRIO when you email Robbie to order yours and receive half off custom graphics.

Meniscus Injury repair Interview Dr. Shani 141

We are broadcasting live and interviewing the speakers of the Zanaflex 4mg's Sports Medicine Update.  Some of the recordings pick up noise, but this is a live event.

The lecture should be released first, followed by the interview.  Through the course of the summer the podcasts will be shorter, more frequent, and a lot more raw (less editing).

All the lectures and handouts have been uploaded and are now available on Google Drive.  Go to www.drive.google.com and sign-in using the following:
            Username:  sportsmedupdate2015@gmail.com
            Password:  sportsmed

Once the school year resumes we will return to our regular format.

Thanks to @rrmarley,  @UofHMAT,   @DYoung_ATC,   FrioHydration.com,  @DozalJazmin, Bill Hale, and several others for their contributions.

Also, be sure you are signed up for the SMB Email List as there will be codes and prizes given out from that list for our partnership with SchoolHealth.com.