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Sudden Cardiac Arrest A Story of Survival – 334



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Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Who plans for their heart to stop working?

Who plans for a high school athlete's heart to stop?

John Mayes was able to use an AED to help save the life of a young athlete.  Here he tells the story of what happened and how he processed the whole event.

John has experienced death multiple times as an Athletic Trainer, so feel free to reach out to him with questions and concerns or to ask him to pray with you.

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Get AEDS and training for your teams – 183

Living for Zachary and Cardiac Science jump in an interview to talk about how they have teamed up to provide AEDs and CPR training to area teams. check them out to see why you should have training and how you can maybe earn a free AED.

Tragedy, Death, Grief & Healing – 135

CPR is a skill you never hope to use, NEVER.  Dealing with the loss of an athlete after performing CPR and using an AED is not supposed to happen.  It did, and I share my story and the grief process.  This podcast is recorded early in the stages of grieving.

#1 tip if you know someone dealing with grief and loss:
Text or email them “I was just thinking about you, wondering how you are doing.  If you find you need something let me know”

This gives them a chance to easily avoid talking if they do not want to talk at that time or to you but allows them to know they are not alone.

#2 Tip do it again once a week for the next few weeks.

People process things differently.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest – 130

Doctor John Higgins invites us to LBJ Hospital to continue our discussion about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  We discuss why we should be using EKG in our PPE, the real statistics and costs, and some tips for running this in real life

This is one of our first on-site interviews of hopefully many more to come.

Thanks Dr. Mark Knoblauch for all the help through the year.

Show Notes 130

Previous discussion with Dr. Higgins – 91