Shoulder Evaluation Tips and Tricks – 492

Shoulder Evaluation can be hard.

I need help with my shoulder evaluation skills.  I have plenty of room to improve.

Last podcast focused on Shoulder Anatomy building on that we are looking at evaluation tips and tricks to help me (and anyone else) refresh and grow my skills.

One thing we must remember is that a shoulder problem can really be a hip issues and the lack of mobility is stressing the shoulder more.

Who is on the show?shoulder evaluation, shoulder evaluations, Mike Chamberlain, Michael Chamberlain, Bubba WilsonBubba Wilson – You know Bubba

Mike Chamberlain – College baseball player turned Physical Therapist Mike joins the podcast for the very first time.   Email Mike

Some of the tips covered on this podcast:

  • Tendons – painful at warm up, loosens up, but then painful after stopping
  • Labrum – Pain throughout the activity, decreased accuracy, clicking sound or feeling
  • Impingement – anterior pain with specific arm placement
  • Quick isometric in each direction: Cyriax Selective Tissue Tensioning for contractile vs non-contractile tissue differential dx
  • Contractile = painful with contraction and stretch
  • Non-contractile – no real pain with stretch but pain as you passively move into contractile direction




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