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Semester Wrap Up – 38

Episode 38 Semester Wrap Up

 We are wrapping up semester 1 and getting a feel for what helped the kids learn.  We are also using a couple of different setups so we can prepare for the eventual CEU credits that will be offered.

Teaching Hands-on Not Hand-outs – 37

Episode 37 Hands on not hand outs

See one, teach one, do one is a motto that has guided Cathlene Webb's teaching philosophy.  Listen as we discuss some great ideas for teaching sports medicine.

Rice Krispies Feet with Kembra Mathis – 35

Episode 35 Rice Krispies Feet with Kembra Mathis

You can find a lot of interesting things on Twitter.  The medical condition known as Rice Krispies Feet is one of the strangest things I have seen so far.  Listen as Mrs. Mathis explains.