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Stop Using Ice!!!

Stop Using Ice; Gary Reinl; Ray Olivo; John Ciecko

Buy a FrioHydration Unit that will hold ice for days and then STOP USING ICE and be done…

Actually, this is about using Ice as a treatment option for injuries.

In his book, Iced, The Illusionary Treatment Option, Gary Reinl covers almost everything we talk about here.

Stop Using Ice, Gary Reinl, Delayed healing, congestion of waste

Why should you Stop Using Ice?

There is very little research to support its efficacy

It actually slows the healing down by creating congestion at the damage site. Similar to a lane closure on a freeway due to an accident. when the cars back up the Emergency crew can not get there quickly and the 30-minute commute now takes 90 minutes.

There is no Google or Waze app for the human body. It really tries to repair rather than destroy itself. Let it run its course.

We confuse swelling and inflammation

Swelling can occur when a part of the body becomes inflamed. However, it is caused by the accumulation of fluid in tissues throughout the body, or in a specific region of the body

Inflammation is classified as a protective response from the immune system to injury, infection, or irritation.

Discussion on the SMB not in the book…

Practical application of the principal

  • How to talk to your coaches about it
  • How to talk with your athletes about it
  • How to discuss changing your physician's protocol

Slight exception to the rules:

  • If you have a dislocation and need to transport, ice will reduce swelling which will allow for a better relocation.
  • If you are using it once as an emotional trigger to help calm down the athlete

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