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Leading the Way in the Secondary Setting – 132

David and I agree, we are most passionate about our student athletic trainer programs.  That is the part of the job we want to do better than anything else.  Luckily for both of us we have co-workers who can balance us out.

David Young has been winning awards with his student Athletic Trainers for about 4 years now.  They also have 4 full time Athletic Trainers on staff.  We spoke with them previously on episode 126 Concussion Protocol and mTBI

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You Dress Like A Slob – 66

Chris Shaddock has received several awards but those do not speak do not speak to the volumes of great things he is doing at Dawson High School with Sports Medicine.  Find him on twitter for more great ideas: @fabu_AT


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Student Athletic Trainer Mischief – 22

Episode 22 Student Trainer Mischief

Kevin Brown, former athletic trainer and longtime friend of Jeremy's joins us to have a couple good laughs as we tell stories of trouble we go into during our time as student athletic trainers. CAUTION: You may not want your students to hear this. 

This was our second skype call and third to be broadcast live via USTREAM.  It was also our first international call, ergo we are now a global force.