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Athletic Trainers are healthcare providers who are know for being able to adapt to the situation and handle both emergency situations and post surgical rehabs.  We know about Injury Psychology and teach our athletes how to cope with a season or career ending injury.  However Christi Keeler has had a long battle with depression since giving birth to her second child.  As an Athletic Trainer and a mom she is sharing her story so we can better understand, prepare, and have patience in the event of an athlete, co-worker or even our struggle with depression.

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Lucas Dargo was concerned about an athlete and began the conversation with the school counselor about possible abuse.  They developed a positive working relationship to best serve the population they were charged with.

Dawn Tedrow is the licensed Clinical Social Worker Lucas started working with and works Youth First inc.

Shelly Mullenix is currently the Senior Associate Athletic Trainer and director of wellness for LSU Athletics pursuing a second masters degree in Social Work pursuing her LCSM

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