Administrative Support for Athletic Training – 313

Fred Roberts is a long time school board member in Pasadena ISD.

His message is simple: “Educate us on what you do.  I don't know what you do because you haven't told me” He also says “Don't seek to sway or change my mind but to educate”

If they have no idea who we are or what we do it is our fault for not educating them or inviting them in to our lives.

Jesse Lopez at Dobie helped Fred Roberts get over an injury and opened up a line of communication.  Building relationships is as simple as giving away gear or shaking a hand and introducing yourself.  take each opportunity to build relationships.

Show Notes

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Find Out Why You Should Use Ankle Braces – 197

Brett McQueen is a research nerd.  He enlightens us on some of the most current data supporting using tape and the support for using a brace.
Discussion topics:

Tell us about some of the research you have been studying of in regards to bracing or taping
What different variables did you look at in taping?
How about bracing?
How can you create a control for an ankle taping
How has this information been received athletic trainers, Coaches / Parents?
Where there any style or brand recommendations for braces?
What can we do to help spread the current understanding of the brace tape argument?

Contact Brett McQueen:
Twitter: @bmcqueen42
Twitter: @PHSSportsMed