76 – Post Surgical Depression with Mike Naron

A labrum repair put off for about 20 years led to arthritis bad enough to need cadaver flesh put into the shoulder joint.  The long recovery and lack of progress led to depression.  Mike Naron talks about his feeling of hopelessness and how he pulled through.

75 – Teeth and Sports with Dr. Mark McGrath

Dr. Mark McGrath has been working on teeth for over 30 years.  He shares with us what do do in dental emergencies, basic tips for keeping your teeth healthy and why he has cookies in his office.


Show Notes

74 – Grants Galore with DonorsChoose.org, FundForTeachers.org and PISD Education Foundation

Cindy Parmer (PISD Education Foundation), Stephanie Ascherl (FundForTeachers.org) and Walter Doyle (DonorsChoose.org) all join us to tell us about the way their organizations is supporting educators.

Step 1: Read the instructions

Step 2: Apply

Step 3: Have 2 people proofread it

Don’t be afraid to fail, it happens to me all the time.


Show Notes


73 – Hiring Good Employees

Fairmont Parkway Chick-fil-a owner Luke Willbanks has become quite an expert at interviewing and hiring good employees. Here he helps me improve my skills and gives some great tips for potential employees.

Show Notes

72 – SWATA’s Head Honcho Mitzi Laughlin

SWATA President Mitzi Laughlin joins us to celebrate National Athletic Training Month.  She tells her story of being the first female Student Athletic Trainer to work football at the University of Texas, being chased by a tank and SWAT team and her trips on NASA’s Vomit Comet.  Then Bubba Wilson joins us and we kinda get to story time.

Show Notes

71 – CrampX – The Magical Elixir

Maria Dempsey, CEO of CrampX joins us to talk about her company’s product that is supposed to pretty much stop all muscle cramping.
Spoiler: CrampX is NOT Gatorade.
Use #TheSMB  to ask her questions during the show.

70 – The Story of Us with Sarah

Dr. McGrath had a family emergency that worked out for the best this time.  I wanted to have my beautiful bride come on so we could share our story of how we met, and what we think we do well to keep romance alive on this Valentines Day edition.  I Love My wife!

67 – Yoga with J-Lo

Affectionately nick-named J-Lo, Jesse Lopez has been working hard to build an Athletic Training program that prevents athletic injuries as much as it treats and rehabilitates them.  Yoga and Functional Movement are two pieces of the puzzle.

Show Notes

66 – You Dress Like A Slob

Chris Shaddock has received several awards but those do not speak do not speak to the volumes of great things he is doing at Dawson High School with Sports Medicine.  Find him on twitter for more great ideas: @fabu_AT


Show Notes

65 – Functional Movement Systems with Brett McQueen

Brett McQueen is a self proclaimed stat junkie.  However we might all be interested in one stat he mentions on the podcast about a decrease injuries at some of the places he has been using the FMS and SFMA.


64 – Stood Up Again

Stood up by a celebrity guest we make the most of it.  Talking about Super Food Pizza, dealing with crying injuries and various other things until we are cut short due to injury.  Here is the recipe link

Last one before the Christmas Break – Merry Christmas everyone


63 – If You Cant Beat Em Join Em With ATpodcast.net

Chris Lenker of ATpodcast.net and Tusculum College joins us as we join him for our first double ended podcast.  He is doing some really cool things with his college students and be sure to check out their large AT Month endeavor this coming March – 31 podcasts in 31 days to promote and support Athletic Training

62 – Asthma, Sports, and Pasadena Oh My!! with Dr. Amit Parikh

Dr. Amit Parikh joins us to discuss asthma, being neighbors with chemical plants and athletics.  He also talks about exercise induced asthma and ways to help treat breathing troubles.

61 – Give ‘em the SportsFinger with Jesse Rhinier

Jesse Rhinier invented the PowerSplint’s Sports Finger out of personal need.  Realizing he had a product that many people could benefit from he used his real estate skills to develop and market the SportsFinger. Towards the end of our discussion he tells listeners how they can receive a free sample to test with their athletes.



60 – This is NOT the Ice Age People!!!

Joshua Stone and Ryan Wantz team up to tell us why we should not be using ice as a main part of our treatment for athletic injuries.  Initial use of ice for pain management is okay but the inflammatory response is important.  Listen to our conversation and earn some BOC CEUs while you are at it.

@JoshStoneATC & @WantzATC

59 – The LION Program with Cat Webb and Spring Woods Sports Medicine

During pre-med courses Cat web learned an interesting philosophy: See one, Do one, Teach one.  This has influenced her teaching style and created some pretty big ripples in Spring Branch ISD.  Administrators talk about vertical alignment, however Mrs. Webb and her students demonstrate it by teaching 5th graders Sports Medicine skills.

58 – We Are Gospel Wrappers – Diane Shore, Renatta Delello and CSMA

From Houston to Dallas the Ukraine to the Domincan Republic sports medicine has no boundries.  Diane and Renatta talk about how they used their sports medicine skils to serve others this summer with CSMA.


57 – Administrative Support for Sports Medicine

Pasadena Independent School District’s Athletic Trainer situation is really good:

5 High School = 10 ATs + 1 Stadium AT; Sports Medicine 1&2 in all 5 schools, no core/ regular  classes.
David Wilkinson, Bubba Wilson, and Randy Dugas tell how they made it happen here and how you can begin to do the same where you are.  Research is key, but perception of value is equally important.

54: No Backup Plan

Sometimes I just have to let go and see what happens.  Our guest did not show, so I trusted my students and we just winged it for this episode, talking about our experiences, and about what we plan to do this year.

53 – Welcome Back

Memorial Hermann’s Bubba Wilson joins us as the Co-Host this time as we break in the new students and talk about our summer at home and at the workshops.

We also talked briefly about professionalism and a new working philosophy from a quote inspired by Dr. James Andrews.


52 – That’s A Wrap 3

Episode 52: That’s A Wrap 3

Another successful year in the “books” for the SMB.  I hope we have improved the overall quality, appeal and entertainment of the show.  as always this is the place to reach us if you have someone or something you want to hear about.

51 – Kinect with Rehab

Episode 51 Kinect with Rehab

At their previous places of employment both Bubba Wilson and Cat Lawrence had an Xbox Kinect.  Ours has been open for about 2 weeks and have not used it for athletes yet.  They have most of the knowledge and insight, I am just the pretty face on this one.

I would recommend viewing the YouTube or Ustream video of this episode to watch the conversation.

50 – I Am A Gospel Wrapper

Shenne Lewellen and Renatta Delello took a trip with Christian Sports Medicine Alliance (CSMA) last year and each of them is planning to take another trip this summer.  To paraphrase: “You can not return to your everyday job without being changed after going on a trip like this.”


Episode 50 CSMA


49 – Rodeo Sports Medicine with Jace Duke

Jace Duke has been quite a few places, but one of his favorite places to work now is the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.



48 – Catching some Zzzzz’s with Dr. Byrd

Episode 48 catching some Zzzzs with Dr Byrd

Memorial Hermann Sleep Center’s Dr. Micheal Byrd proves to be one of the most interesting guests to date for our students.   His advice: Get off the phone and tablet at least an hour before bed.


46 – I Am the Grapevine – Bob Marley

Episode 46 I Am the Grapevine Bob Marley

Bob Marley is probably the best known name in Athletic Training in the Greater Houston area.  We are lucky to have him on the podcast today, and I am  also lucky to be able to call him a colleague and a friend.

2013-03-06 10.47.22

45 – Will Carroll The Injury Expert

Episode 45 Will Carroll the Injury Expert

Will Carroll is a lead writer for Bleacher Report and known on twitter as @injuryexpert.  He has written pieces for several big names in sports journalism.  He joins us to talk about his job, experiences and hit on steroids and other PEDs.

Check out his book The Juice

44 – People Management with Luke Willbanks

44 People Management with Luke Willbanks

Chik-fil-a is an efficient and well run business. About half of their employees are high school or college age people. Listen in to learn how you can improve your athletic training program and get the best out of your people. – Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sports-medicine-broadcast

 2013-02-20 10.35.31

43 – Super Foods: sneaking them in with Dr. Judy Sandlin

43 Super Foods With Dr Judy Sandlin

Everybody is talking about Super Foods right now.  These are foods that help fight cancer, lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease.  However, not everyone is talking about how to easily incorporate these foods into your everyday diet.

42 – Athletic Training in the NFL with Roland Ramirez of the Houston Texans

Episode 42 Roland Ramirez

2013-02-13 10.39.18

Roland took some time out of his very busy schedule working with the Houston Texans to come speak on the podcast.  Working in the NFL is a lot harder and more demanding than you might think at first.

Check out the video on YouTube or Ustream

Also be sure to check out the rehabilitation tool he has developed:



41 – Is It In You?

Episode 41 Is It In You

Gatorade Market Development Associate Aaron Francl talks about some of the history, facts, fiction and new products from the most widely known name in sports drinks.

Email Aaron

Gatorade Sports Science Institute

40 – GHATS – Behind the Scenes w/ Cat Lawrence

Episode 40 GHATS behind the scenes

Planning a workshop for over 1,000 high school students and 200 Athletic trainers and sports medicine professionals is not easy.  Catherine had a crash course and did a great job.  Hear her feedbackand advise.


A recent discovery in a Athletic Training room file cabinet at Dobie shows that they need to do some cleaning.  This is my senior picture from when i was a student Athletic Trainer…I graduated in 1999.

Jackson high school photo

39 – Is Chocolate Milk Really That Good???

Episode 39 Is Chocolate Milk Really That Good

Dr. Penny Wilson from Memorial Herman Iron-Man Sports Medicine Institute joins us again for another amazing episode.  Also do a quick poll of your students and athletes, “What did you eat for breakfast this morning?”

Chocolate Milk, Pasadena High School, Memorial Hermann, Penny Wilson, Jeremy Jackson



38 – Semester Wrap Up

Episode 38 Semester Wrap Up

 We are wrapping up semester 1 and getting a feel for what helped the kids learn.  We are also using a couple of different setups so we can prepare for the eventual CEU credits that will be offered.

37 – Hands-on Not Hand-outs

Episode 37 Hands on not hand outs

See one, teach one, do one is a motto that has guided Cathlene Webb’s teaching philosophy.  Listen as we discuss some great ideas for teaching sports medicine.

36 – Fantasy Sports with Jeff Stotts

Episode 36 Jeff Stotts


You would not think an athletic trainer would be needed for fantasy sports but that is why Jeff Stott’s job interested me so much.  He writes for Rotowire.com and is one of the guys that helps you make you decisions for fantasy sports sit and starts.

Other twitter mentions: @Rotowire, and Will Carrol: @injuryexpert

35 – Rice Krispies Feet w/ Mrs.Kembra Mathis

Episode 35 Rice Krispies Feet with Kembra Mathis

You can find a lot of interesting things on Twitter.  The medical condition known as Rice Krispies Feet is one of the strangest things I have seen so far.  Listen as Mrs. Mathis explains.

Hailey McNee, sports medicine broadcast, podcast, pasadena high school, Jeremy Jackson, pop filter, skype, ustream, google docs, manycam

34 – The Sports Medicine Team with CJ Brown

Episode 34 The Sports Medicine Team

Paramedic CJ Brown helps us understand the job of an EMT and how to build a relationship with an important part of the Sports Medicine Team.  Spoiler Alert: you might cry at some of the stories.

Houston South Lake, Houston, Fire Department, Paramedic, EMT, Medic, Strength Nomad Sports medicine Broadcast, podcast, Paramedic, sports medicine course, students, lesley conchas, medic, paramedic

Check out Strength Nomad

or follow CJ on Twitter: @StrengthNomad

33 – Boston Needs Some Help

Episode 33 Boston Needs Some Help

Mary Spalding, a senior Athletic Training student in Colorado has a very interesting story that encouraged her to get into Athletic Training and encouraged her to seek admittance to medical school after graduation.

32 – Slimming Down to Help Burned Kids

Episode 32 Sliming down to Help Kids

Houston Firefighter Justin steps in for a discussion on how he dropped 20 pounds over the course of three months primarily by improving his diet.  He also helps us understand the purpose of the hard work: helping kids that have been forever changed by their burns.

Fireman, Houston, Firefighter, Justin, podcast, sports medicine broadcast, sports medicine 1, nutrition, diet, burned kids, shriners, memorial hermann

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31 – Not a Nutritionist

Episode 31 Not a Nutritionist

Registered Dietician for Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Institue  Dr. Penny Wilson comes to talk nutrition basics with our students.  As I figured we could not get through everything we wanted so we will look to bring her back next semester.

Dr. Penny Wilson, Kalyn, Deisy, Karen, podcast, Sports Medicine Broadcast, Memorial Hermann, eat4performance, eating4performance, Ironman institute, Jeremy Jackson, Nutritionist, Registered Dietitician

Websites: Eating for Performance Informed Choice

NSF Certified for Sport Information on Creatine

@eat4performance  @houstonhospital

30 – Same Thing Different State with Michael Stevenson

Episode 30 Same Thing Different State

Michael Stevenson, Program Director for Huntsville Hospital‘s Athletic Training Outreach team joins us to talk about why they were recently selected to grace the cover of Training and Conditioning magazine.

29 – Making the Choice

Episode 29 Making the Choice

As much as Christi loved the injuries, treatments, rehab, teaching and relationships, she made a decision to leave athletic training for an undetermined amount of time to stay home with her new baby.  Listen to her tell us why.

Sports Medicine Broadcast, Episode 29, Sports Medicine Broadcast, West Virginia, Muscleman's Deisy, Karen, Kalyn, Sports medicine Broadcast, Episode 29, podcast, Atheltic Training

ps. check out the mohawk on Wyatt

Musselman’s Applesauce

28 – Sports Medicine in the Ukraine with Diane Shore

Episode 28 Sports Medicine in the Ukraine with Diane Shore

This summer Diane Shore used her Sports Medicine skills to serve out her faith in the Ukraine and she is already working on heading back to the mission field next summer.  Take a moment to listen to her story.

Diane Shore, CSMA, Ukraine, Christian Sports Medicine Alliance, Floorball Ukraine, CSMA, Christian Sports medicine Alliance, Diane Shore, Floorball, FCA

Twitter pick: @tweetCSMA

27 – Welcome Back

Episode 27 Welcome Back 2

Bacon Burger Dogs, Child Bike seats, new sports medicine students…this episode is a warmup, equipment test and introduction for new students all in one.  There is very little Sports Medicine content but some behind the scenes info about your host.

26 – That’s a Wrap Season 2

Episode 26 Wrap Up Season 2

You can tell it is the end of the year because we got off to a really slow start on this one.  Wrapping up year two we get some feedback and reflect on our guests. Since I am short on time there will be almost no editing for this one.  Thanks for listening!

25 – Concussion Management with Dr. Summer Ott

Episode 25 Concussion Management with Dr Ott

Concussions are a very hot topic in news in general even more so in sports.  Dr. Summer Ott is one of the top nueropsychologist in the country when it comes to concussion management.

Dr. Ott, Summer Ott, Concusion Management, Memorial Hermann, Ironman, Bubba Wilson, Podcast, Sports Medicie Broadcast, SMB, Pasadena High School, PHS, Nuerpsychologist, Episode 25 Dr. Ott, Summer Ott, Concusion Management, Memorial Hermann, Ironman, Bubba Wilson, Podcast, Sports Medicie Broadcast, SMB, Pasadena High School, PHS, Nuerpsychologist, Episode 25


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24 – Real Wives of the Pasaden Athletic Trainers

Episode 24 Real Athletic Training Housewife Sarah Jackson

Sarah, Kim, Podcast, sports medicine broadcast, PHS, Pasadena High school, Athletic trainer, Athletic Training, Sports Medicine,

The only time in Sarah and Kim have ever been backup plans was this week when our scheduled guests had to cancel about 2 hours prior to show time.  They did a great job jumping in and going with the flow.  Sarah was with us in studio and Kim was listening live and commenting in the chat room.  It was a great excercise in perseverance and flexibilty.  We also had a record number of four live listeners.  Keep with us as we build up the profession of Atheltic Training.

The studio, Podcast, Episode 24, Sports Medicine Broadcast, Athletic Training, Pasadena HS, PHS, Pasadena High School

Twiter pick of the week:@TomGocke

23 – Overuse Injuries with

Episode 23 Bubba Wilson Overuse Injuries

Bubba Wilson

Year round organized sports are too much for young kids.  If the professionals don’t play the same sport 12 months a year then why would you ask a 12- 18 year old too? Listen to the stats and let your kid rest.


Memorial Hermann, Bubba, Notes, Cheat Sheet, Mariah laughing, sarah, doc, podcast, sports medicine broadcast, Pasadena High School



The Andrew’s Institute

22 – Student Athletic Trainer Mischief

Episode 22 Student Trainer Mischief

Kevin Brown, former athletic trainer and longtime friend of Jeremy’s joins us to have a couple good laughs as we tell stories of trouble we go into during our time as student athletic trainers. CAUTION: You may not want your students to hear this. 

This was our second skype call and third to be broadcast live via USTREAM.  It was also our first international call, ergo we are now a global force.

21 – CSMA

Episode 21 CSMA

Kara Taylor, Director of Mobilization for Christian Sports Medicine Alliance, joins us to give some details and stories about how Sports Medicine people are using the skills they have learned to share the message of Hope.  This was also our first episode using Skype and second using Ustream to broadcast live so you can join in the conversation via the chat room.

Christina Sports Medicine Alliance

CSMA Facebook


20 – Houston Baptist University

Episode 20 Houston Baptist University

Andy Brockway joins us to discuss his story and journey from Utah to become an assistant Athletic Trainer for Houston Baptist University‘s Athletic Training program.  It is always cool to be able to promote “my” school.

Look for HBU Sports Medicine Course Lectures on iTunesU in August

Twitter: @hbuhuskies

Email Keri Strong Email Andy Brockway

19 – Maximizing Social Media with Morgan Sheen


As a VP and Director of Communications for Meador Staffing, Morgan Sheen knows about building your brand through social media.  If you want to be successful at something then talk to someone who has found success in that area.  That’s what I am doing here.

Morgan Sheen, Meador Staffing, Aggie Bryan Gonzalez, Michelle Soria, Sports Medicine Broadcast



18 – Are You Employable with Ben Meandor

Episdoe 18 Are You Employable with Ben Meandor

There is a real truth to the proverb ”With age comes wisdom.”  Mr. Ben Meador has 44 years of experience hiring people.  They have been successful through several poor job markets because of the visionary leadership of Mr. Meador.  My favorite thing is that Mr. Meador never hesitated when I asked him to come speak to our students and listeners.


twitter @meadorstaffing

17 – Bubba Wilson from Memorial Hermann

Episode 17 Bubba Wilson from Memorial Hermann

Bubba Wilson has had a prolific career throughout Texas as an Athletic Trainer. Because of his vast experiences, he has a lot more to say than we can fit into a normal length podcast. This means we get to invite him back for another episode.

Bubba Wilson almost matching shirts again Episode 17


follow @AthTrainrProbz on twitter for some laughs

March is National Athletic Training Month

16 – District Athletic Trainer Randy Dugas

Episode 16 Randy Dugas District Athletic Trainer

Randy takes time away from his administrative duties to come chat with us about his new position in PISD as District Athletic Trainer

@AthTrainrProbz & @ATCLifestyle

March is National Athletic Training Month



15 – Rice University with Dawn Stuckey

Episode 15 Rice University with Dawn Stuckey

Dawn is the Head Athletic Trainer at NCAA Division 1 Rice University.  On her off day from traveling with the team she came out here to Pasadena to meet with our students.  The best part about the interview are the questions and discussions that happen before the show starts.  I love being able to connect the students to the professional world.

The Show


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Thanks @kingvoltmusic & @elementopie

14 – Sports Medicine I Students put Jackson on the Hot Seat.

Sports Medicine Broadcast Episode 14

This time I take a step back and let the students come up with the questions and run the show.  We had two separate teams editing and producing the show so there will be two versions.

13 – Dr. Wiese from @TXChiroCollege

Episode 13 Texas Chiropractic College

Dr. Barry Wiese willingly stepped in to help us bridge the gap and build a better relationship between Athletic Trainers and Chiropractors.  We had a great time and the students came up with some good questions.


12 – Life After the Athletic Training Room

Episode 12 Life After the Athletic Training Room

Mr. Barrett takes a break from lunch duty at Dobie High School to share with us about the change in job from full time athletic trainer to administrator.  He worked at Lamar University, and a few high schools before stopping at Jackson’s alma mater.  My favorite part is the reason he made the switch.

Chad Barrett Bryan and Mr. B

Click HERE to view the article about trainers vs Athletic Trainers

Info for PISD’s Special Olympics programs

11 – Sports Psychology with Melissa Romell

Episode 11 Sports Psychology with Melissa Romell

In my opinion psychology is the opposite of science, but with a little bit of persuasion from Melissa Romell I can see the value of psychology in sports. Once again our district is awesome at making resources available.  Melissa works as a teacher in our district and volunteers her time and services to help our students succeed.

Melissa Romell Sarah and Mariah


Email Melissa


10 – Weight Loss on a Coach’s Schedule

Episode 10 Weight Loss on a Coach’s Schedule with David Sell


We are glad to have the award-winning coach David Sell on to talk about weight loss on a very busy schedule. Not only is he a husband and father, but he is also a football and track coach with a full teaching load to top it off. Finding time to get healthy isn’t easy but for Coach Sell life will never be the same.




9 – LaShelle Brown – Outreach Athletic Trainer for Methodist

Episode 9 Lashelle Brown Outreach Athletic Trainers

LaShelle joins us to discuss career options other than being employed full-time in a typical high school setting.  She works as an Outreach Athletic Trainer for the Methodist Hospital System providing care for many area schools and multiple events.  Our first attempt at this show encountered some problems, but thankfully this time worked.

Link: www.methodisthealth.com

8 – Sports Medicine Course

8 Sports Medicine 1 Course

Join our Sports Medicine 1 students as they discuss what they have liked, disliked, and learned about the course through the first five weeks.  If I didn’t know any better I would say some of them want to take my host spot. Michelle, Sarah, Mariah, AnaKaren, and Alondra all share their opinions.

7 – Laura, Laura and Michelle

Episode 7 Laura Laura and Michelle

Curious students get to record our first broadcast of the new year.  I must admit it was not planned, practiced or rehearsed in any way.  You will hear some background noise as our studio is in the middle of the athletic facility. Thanks to Laura, AnaLaura and Michelle for just jumping in and going with it.

5 – Students in the Studio

Episode 5 Students in the Studio

We had 5 of our sports medicine students in studio with us.  They give a great brief perspective to life as a student athletic trainer.  We have had a lot of great times with the podcast so far.  Next week is our last week of school and we will be giving one last episode to close out the year.




4 – Think Outside the Gym

Episode 4 Think Outside the Gym

Guests: Jessica Bradley - PHS Dance Instructor & Danielle Elsner - Dance Instructor: Art Park Dancers .

I loved having my cousin and Jessica on the show to share their extensive background in the performing arts.  While you are listening you can note the conversation between Danielle and Jessica about Sam Houston’s Dance Program.  We are connecting people everywhere

Click HERE for more on Athletic Training in the performing arts setting

3.4 – Can’t We All Just Get Along

Michelle Nettles from South Houston High School joins us for our final installment of “Can’t We All Just Get Along” – Trainers in Pasadena ISD.  Doc does most of the picture taking so he gets the shaft a little bit, but he is here working hard. I could not do this successfully without his support or the amazing editing abilities of my beautiful wife.

3.4 Michelle Nettles from South Houston High School

3.3 – Can’t We All Just Get Along.

This is our first ever podcast with two guest and two hosts and our first ever live studio audience.  Of course it had to be my Alma Mater J. Frank Dobie High School.  Jesse Lopez and Christi Baker are both in their first year in the district and at Dobie, but they are not newbies to the profession.

3.3 Jesse Lopez and Christi Keeler from J. Frank Dobie

3.2 – Can’t We All Just Get Along!?!?

3.2 Matt Babisak Pasadena Memorial HS

In the special Cinco de Mayo edition of the Sports Medicine BroadcastPasadena Memorial High School’s Matt Babisak joins us. We regret not snapping some photos of Jaime yesterday but we are still young. Feel free to follow us on twitter, send the link out to our show, make suggestions, or email us to be a guest.

Thanks to our supporters again, www.donorschoose.org & www.JJWorthen.com

3.1 – Can’t We All Just Get Along!!!

Episode 3.1: Jaime Garcia from Sam Rayburn HS

We are back in action this week with a not so mini mini-series. Our first episode, 3.1, is closing in on an hour. We had a lot of fun talking with Jaime, but I think he might have done this before.

Jaime teaching class

2 – 30 plus years at Pasadena High School

Episode 2: 30 plus years at PHS

So here is the long-awaited episode of The Sports Medicine Broadcast. This is the first interview-style broadcast featuring the host Jeremy Jackson aka “Jackson” and Bill “Doc” Hale. Bill has a lot of experience and tons of stories and knowledge. Check out the show, follow us on Twitter, leave comments or email us with questions or topics you would like to see addressed. You can also find the podcast in iTunes.