EMRs with Will Ryan

EMRs are like most things, it is not one size fits all. When looking for a solution for records management Will Ryan wanted to share his search results with all ATs.


Discussion topics: 

  • Searching for EMR
  • How to obtain EMR
  • How to Familiarize yourself with EMR
  • Communications with EMR Companies

What has been your process for searching for an EMR?

Identifying limiting factors like cost. Sportsware and AT Genius are cheaper options.

Barriers to documentation – time, limited resources, uncertainty of what to document. NATA has created guidelines regarding methods of documentation. Consider the legal aspect of documentation.

How do you approach your school about obtaining an EMR?

Build value in the documentation. Explain how EMR protects patients, coaches, and healthcare providers; and keeps everything secure. Convenient place to store all UIL-required documentation.

What is the best way to familiarize yourself with EMR’s?

CAATE standards have now included EMR’s. 

Pearland ISD uses Rank One – signs in upon entry and documents almost everything. We introduce our MAT program students to Rank One and have them document all patient interactions. 

Did companies offer demos of their EMR systems during your search?

Rank One, Healthy Roster, Healthy Monitoring, Sportsware, AT Genius.

All provided demos, and were very open and helpful.

The creator of AT Genius took the time to meet with me. 

Collecting some data is better than none, do what you can. 

Use documentation to show the dollar value of your care and how much money you save parents by providing care. 

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