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Large Group Sports Medicine with Ray Castle

Ray Castle has been traveling the US and preparing Sports Medicine providers for large group  care.  Marathons can stretch medical providers thin so knowing trends can really improve the care you provide.
We are broadcasting live from the 2018 NATA expo in New Orleans.
We used Facebook live to stream as many of the NATA 2018 Expo Interviews as possible.
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International Athletic Training – 445

Mark Gibson is currently the head of the International Committee and is looking at ways to expand the reach of Athletic Training outside of the US borders.  There are lots of opportunities for ATs to volunteer, intern or work out side the US right now.  Mark first joined the Sports Medicine Broadcast while on site at NATA Houston and is coming back to tell us even more.

Stephanie Ascherl leads in Houston.  Previously appearing on a podcast where we discussed grant opportunities Stephanie's organization specializes in sending teachers on summer enrichment opportunities.  If you are an AT working for a qualifying school district then read up and see if one of the International Committee opportunities can be funded by

International Committee

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Responsibilities of the Team Physician: High School to Professional Dr. Walt Lowe

Dr. Walt Lowe
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Emergency Bag Maximization with Perry Denehy – 444

Perry and Bubba join the Sports Medicine Broadcast to share best practices in packing an emergency bag for the best opportunity at success.

If Perry only had one item to help in a n emergency it would be a clean towel.

Some of the items they mentioned:

NasoPharyngeal Airway
CPR Mask
Magic marker –
     T on head for tourniquet
     Numbering system for accountability
Perry’s “Magic Towel”
Pulse ox – good for asthma kids in regular use
Flat and Phillips head screwdriver or Leatherman multi-tool
Small mirror
Hard candy for diabetic
Head lamp to replace pen light

Cynch-Lock Tamper Evident Seals

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AT Clothing and Gear from Alaska to Arizona – 443

Jake Ritter is an AT in Alaska, you know the frozen state.  Besides dressing in layers there are some really useful tips for cold weather gear.  Snow is wet so you have to plan for the cold and wet anytime your out there.

Bart Peterson is and AT in Arizona, you know the Mojave Dessert state.  Dealing with the sweltering heat, staying hydrated and avoiding sunburn can get a bit draining.

Here we discuss some of the favorite gear from seasoned ATs in extreme weather areas.

I have compiled a list of discounts for ATs so you can hopefully score some great deals as you prepare for your next AT season.

Got a favorite?  Let me know and we can add it to the list.

FrioHydration will keep your athletes hydrated in the heat or the cold. Email

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Postpartum Depression with Christi Keeler – 442

Athletic Trainers are healthcare providers who are know for being able to adapt to the situation and handle both emergency situations and post surgical rehabs.  We know about Injury Psychology and teach our athletes how to cope with a season or career ending injury.  However Christi Keeler has had a long battle with depression since giving birth to her second child.  As an Athletic Trainer and a mom she is sharing her story so we can better understand, prepare, and have patience in the event of an athlete, co-worker or even our struggle with depression.

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Rural AT Problems with Laura Manning – 441

Houston is home to one the leading medical centers in the world.  There is a doctor, neighborhood ER, Physical Therapist and every kind of specialist you can think of within 45 minutes (half of that is time is due to traffic and lights)

Laura Manning works in a small rural community.  There are absolutely some benefits to being in a small community where everyone knows you and pulls together, but as a medical provider you have to be ready to do more with less.

Here we discuss some of the challenges and benefits facing a small town healthcare provider.

Having a good relationship with a medical supplier like School Health can be a great way to be prepared. Win a gift card by registering HERE

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Special Need Student Aides – 440

Terra Davenport joins the podcast to discuss how she has been able to provide Compassionate Care for All by incorporating students with special needs into her sports medicine program.  Up to this point I have no first hand experience providing opportunities for special needs student.  I have been asked by one student, but that student never came back to talk to me.   So join us as we look at the multiple perspectives and thought process you need to consider in your program.

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Presidential Memoirs with Scott Sailor – 439

Dr. Scott Sailor, former president of the NATA joins the podcast again to celebrate the start of National Athletic Training Month.  He shares stories of his tenure leading Athletic Training, fond memories and words of wisdom to Tory Lindley and each NATA president to follow.

This marks Dr. Sailors third time he has been on the show as met at SWATA, episode 200 celebration and then he joined us last year to kick off NATM.

State of the Union with Scott Sailor – 176

Favorite CEU Opportunities 329


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Arm Care Routines to Strengthen and Prevent Injuries – 438

Kari Beth Williams – works currently as a high school AT, but has worked in independent league baseball as well as a pitching coach.

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Josh Ogden

Chris Butler

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