Liabilities and Legalities of Per Diem Work – 455

Alisha Pennington has been making moves in the Athletic Training world.  As a business owner she seeks to improve Athletic Training starting in her home state of California.  As a business owner who employs per diem workers she has learned a lot of do's and don'ts when hiring and working per diem.
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Promoting Athletic Training Through Podcasting – 201

We are in this together to promote our profession and improve the health of our patients.

Alisha M Pennington hosts The Business ATVantage podcast to help athletic trainers gain a business since and know their value.

Chris Lenker hosts ATpodcast to capture a lot of athletic trainer stories and hit on some current topics and trends.

Jeff Driban is the founder of Sports Medicine Research and host his podcast to discuss the research he is doing or seeing as it pertains to Sports Medicine.

We all aim to improve the profession of Athletic Training through both casual and formal education in a format you want.

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