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Get glucophage online has been making moves in the Athletic Training world.  As a business owner she seeks to improve Athletic Training starting in her home state of California.  As a business owner who employs per diem workers she has learned a lot of do's and don'ts when hiring and working per diem.
We are broadcasting live from the 2018 NATA expo in New Orleans.
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200 Episodes of Sports Medicine Content

WOW, what an amazing fast paced show.  30 minutes is really fast.  We had a lot of fun and gave away some really cool stuff thanks to some really awesome people.

Here is the full list of guests and topics.  This episode is long but very entertaining.

About every half hour we switched guests if you want to jump ahead to one then think in roughly 30 minute blocks.

200 schedule of guests

It will also start the NATM with a bang since we are running about 15 shows this month.


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Where there is a need there is a business opportunity.  Get glucophage online saw Athletic Trainers needed help getting jobs and that schools need Athletic Trainers.  Working in a state that does not protect or place a huge emphasis on Athletic Trainer is a challenge that needed to be taken on.  She has developed her company to solve that disconnect between athletic trainers and schools
Discussion topics:

Alisha's athletic training story
Tell us a little about Get glucophage online
What is your hope or goal for the business?
What do you see as some potential drawbacks for hiring athletic trainers this way?
What are the top benefits for working this way?
How does the lack of title protection in California  affect Athletic Training
What can we do to help justify more hours / additional help

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